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  1. heeeeeeeeeeeey! I remember you =)) How are you doing? I see you are still active on the forums,eh? that's awesome! I haven't been on here in while, it's changed and now its pretty awesomely designed, i think I shall frequent it from now on. lmao but yeah just saying "Hello!"
  2. when I'm a kojillionaire. come to california!!!!!!!! I'll teach you to surf, take you for some surgery, buy you a burrito.. it'll be dreamy. <3
  3. come back puddin pie
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    Haha, I wondered if that was possibly what you thought I meant Yep, I'll be around until I either am unemployed or get bored, lol.

    Eek, that sounds very unfun. Is it like... you get diarrhea a lot? I've never heard much about it before, so I don't really get what happens. I figure I can ask about it and you won't be uncomfortable talking about it... based on your recent interning experiences :P

    Me... well, the doctors proved to be 100% useless last spring. I found out I have a less common sleep disorder that has not been named and has no cures, though, from Disability Services. It's nice to know I'm not alone, but it sucks to know there's no cure.

    I definitely have a health issue that's been present for about 4 years or so, but most of it is in my head. I only feel "symptoms" when I'm sitting around and thinking about it. It could be something serious, but the problem is that I get panic attacks all the time because of it. Basically, I've had a raised part of my chest on the left side pretty close to my neck for several years, and it is uncomfortable to put pressure on it. Sometimes I get pain in the left side of my chest (nothing severe), and I think I feel heart flutters sometimes, but those could very well be in my head - part of panic attacks. All the symptoms I experience come about in the form of panic attacks. Sooo I really don't know. But I went to three doctors in the spring and told them all the symptoms I felt, and they were like "here are some sleeping pills. If I thought you needed a CAT scan or something, we'd get you in there, but I don't think there's a problem". So I don't wtf the problem is, or if there is no problem. But the definite problem is the panic attacks.

    Anyway, that might've been TMI. Yea for health problems! :P
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    What do you mean, I'm back already? I left Austria in August of 2007... I stayed in the US for two years, and just came back to Europe almost three weeks ago. I'll be here for a long time, I hope.

    Haha, you still didn't put your email address, you dork :P PM it to me.

    What's IBS? I have some weird health things going on, too, but I think part of it is because when I'm super bored and have too much free time, I dwell on possible problems and think I'm sick. It's so stupid. But I'll be fine once I start working. I'm sorry you're not feeling well... any sign of things slowing down in the future?
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    pssh, you never replied to the message I left you on the 5th! I'm doing pretty well, though. I got to Europe almost three weeks ago, and am starting to tutor... waiting for school to start so I can start teaching actual classes, and make money so I can move into a flat in the CITY. Not a fan of living in the boonies, haha. How've you been outside of the internship??
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    whyyyy do you ignore me, bb?
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    Hey! What is your preferred email address? I think you've told me before but I'm actually making a contact list in gmail and this time I'll definitely save it (and email you)

    Also I am in Europe now so if you're ever in the Czech Republich let me know!
  9. Why are you in the hospital? I may need to go to the hospital soon.
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    how did you know that I have family who come from the Middle East?
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