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  1. Oh? Well contrary to what the BBS voted, you've haven't changed in my opinion. And as far as I can tell not everyone agrees with the awards. Honestly, why do you care so much about my opinion of you? A while ago you sent me a message asking why I “hated” you. I didn’t reply because you aren’t worth my time; don’t think I’ll get deep and philosophical with you. If I ever see an improvement in you as a poster I will analogue that. But quite frankly, from you’re posting a while ago and recently – you aren’t worth the effort. You are not worth the effort to actually engage my self into an intelligent conversation with you, because I don’t see that as a possibility.

    I understand that when I call you on your posting ability, maturity and/or like-ability, you may take that as a personal hit against who you are as a person. But I’m not, I simply pointing out the unlikable traits you hold as a poster to me. Honestly, I don’t know you; in fact I’d probably like you as a person. I learned early on when I first began posting here that people say shit, and I can’t let that get to me because then I start acting like an asshole (or in my case call out the people I felt were assholes to me). In the end I just made myself out to be a fool.

    I also understand that sometimes you make such bold statements to get a conversation started that however that isn’t always the best approach. And I'm not saying I haven’t done that, I have… and I’ll probably do it again, just watch what you say is all. I don’t like conflict, because in the process of calling you out I make myself out to be an asshole and I feel that other people think that it makes me feel better about myself. I don’t like what’s going on between us, but I don’t stand for idiocy; you’re a hell of a lot brighter and intelligent then you’ve made yourself out to be.
  2. Why you think I would care enough to need this news delivered to me via visitor message is completely beyond me. It certainly would seem to indicate a level of pettiness that would lead me to believe the opposite were true.
  3. hi! how are ya? =^.^= xD :] =)
  4. you should be here...i guess...if you'd like to..
  5. i admire you! but dont you waste your time like that....really...
  6. <[]__(crayon)__[]
    Is this crayon too dark/boring? Need more color in your day? Join the colored revolution and put the color back in your life!
  7. Merry Christmas! Hope you get completely drunk x] and have lots of fun and all that shit!
  8. what a shame
  9. np

    are you helping doing the RFRG cover?
  10. i guess that answers to my question....
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