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    1 Day Ago
    T-6005 replied to a thread Racism is wrong. in General Chat
    Think you navigated that pretty well, Clara. You approached it in a mature and reasonable manner and took a measured and proactive response. ...
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    3 Days Ago
    Thanks guys, your answers actually helped. Especially the part about her not acting on it. Free speech doesn't really have the same meaning...
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    4 Days Ago
    I've just finished Dr Futurity by Philip K. Dick and oh boy, it sucked. And I'm not even saying "it's not good regarding to PKD's other works"....
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    4 Days Ago
    Now, I've known for a long time that racists exist. I heard them talk on TV, I read what they say on a paper, I hear what they say at certain...
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    5 Days Ago
    Llamas replied to a thread AFI album rating in Other Bands
    Why the drop-off with StS? Which songs on it do you hate? It's also surprising to see someone put Answer that, Very Proud, and Shut Your Mouth on the...
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    5 Days Ago
    Llamas replied to a thread Flexibility in General Chat
    Whatta thread!
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    1 Week Ago
    Llamas started a thread AFI album rating in Other Bands
    I doubt many people will comment, considering how dead this place is and especially all sections besides GC. But now that Burials has been out...
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    1 Week Ago
    Rooster replied to a thread All One to Me in Your Band
    The progress is slow, but steady. Our producer is making us work our asses off, and I really appreciate the effort he puts into it. Nearly blew my...
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    By now i'm crazy as fuck about the TCV album...
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    I think the same, Foo Fighters seem to be a bit too repetitive, their songs sound similar, with no real hooks (at least i don't usually get hooked by them, with few exceptions). I like Grohl's voice, but maybe it's just his style of singing on most songs that doesn't do much for me, i love it when he sings angrier, suits him better. Which is why i love his singing on Mind Eraser.

    And now that you mention it, Dead End Friends is one of my favorite tracks from the album. I've read complaints that Homme's vocals don't fit in that song (they complained they don't fit for much of the album), that the song looses energy when he starts singing, and i thought WTF!?

    Also, i figured out how much more you can enjoy the album if you take as it is, and forget about the loudness thing. It's fucking brilliant, completely up there with SFTD and BGWTB for me. It feels fresh every time you listen to it, even if you do it 3 times in a succession. Homme hasn't colaborated on something this good since SFTD. It tears Era Vulgaris apart, and it's better tham Lullabies (and i loved that album, mainly because of its atmosphere)
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    Oh, and did i mention i absolutely love the chorus of Mind Eraser, No Chaser? It's fucking great. I'm not really a fan of Foo Fighters, i find them mostly average with a very good song here and there and Grohl's vocals don't usually do much for me, but i love them in this song, they fit perfectly.
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    Same here, i thought that about the same 3 songs, now i love them. And i also agree about No One Loves Me & Neither Do I, that change in the middle is brilliant. It's just perfect!
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    This album deffinitely is a grower. On the first listen i thought some songs are a bit too weird, but i love them more and more now. It sounds refreshing, and while it has QOTSA influences it doesn't sound like QOTSA (and it shouldn't, as it's a different band). And it's another album (this also goes for Black Gives Way To Blue) that actually has the feel of an album as a whole, and not the feel of a greatest hits collection, which is why i love it even more.

    And it's quite catchy and addictive, but not in the poppy mainstream way.
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    I trust you on that. And like you said, there's no filler on it.

    You should see the smile on my face when i saw the album on a shelf in the store. I almost forgot everything else that second, even the fact that i would have a latin exam in less than an hour. I bought it in some shop (it's a chain store), but it was interesting that i was already in a bigger store (from the same chain) today, and they didn't have it there, but where i bought it they had quite a few copies, despite the shop was smaller. And in another store (from a different chain) they haven't even heard of the band. Dickheads.
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    Dude, it's great! The only thing (that would be because of over-compression, i guess i'm just not a fan of how CDs are being mastered today) is that sometimes it seems like the drums don't stand out enough, and that's a shame, because Grohl is behind the drum kit. It's not a big issue though, the drums still sound great. Otherwise you were right, nothing wrong with the sound, it's great!

    I like all the tempo shifts, and the album sounds unique, unlike anything i've heard before. I love the "atmosphere" of the album, it's a bit spooky sometimes (probably not the best word to describe it, but you know what i mean).

    I wasn't disappointed, this is for me the 3rd best album of this decade, not very far behind SFTD and Black Gives Way To Blue. But i think this album is a grower, so it might end tied with those two albums.

    P.S.: i decided not to care as much about this loudness war anymore, unless the CDs will sound as bad as Death Magnetic. I'll rather enjoy the music and that's it, after all i'm not an audiophile and i don't have an expensive surround sound system to listen to the music. The only exceptions will be my own songs, i rather master them quieter with better dynamics.
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    Fuck yeah!
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    Haven't gone there yet, i have the exam at 7.45 PM. But i'll go there earlier, so that i'll be there at 5 PM and have enough time to check the stores. It's better that i have something to do before the exam, to distract me from thinking about it, otherwise i would be too nervous.

    Hopefully it's going to be a lucky day, and i'll pass the exam and get the album
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    Hey, that's good to hear! I'm still unemployed for now, but i'll look up for a job, i need money too (who doesn't )

    Yeah, my mum is cool, she loves QOTSA (especially Songs For The Deaf), grunge (especially the "big 4" of grunge bands), Metallica,...
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