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    I downloaded the FLAC version, found it somewhere else, but i haven't listened to it yet (and don't plan to), i only listened a short bit of Dead End Friends, and i loved it. I won't listen to the rest. I'll only burn a copy for my mum, she's a big fan of QOTSA and other Homme's projects (she asked me to burn it).

    Anyway, tomorrow i'm going to our capital again, i have a latin exam at 7.45 PM (what a great time for an exam ), and i'll go to some stores again before the exam, maybe they'll have it this time.
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    I had a great day thanks, i was completely wasted, in a good way

    I have a million dollar question: which country has the most brilliant music store managers in the world? Answer: Slovenia. Why is that? Oh, it's just because there is (i don't know, maybe you have actually heard of them) a band (seriously, they're reeaaally tiny) that consists of members of Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana and Led motherfuckin Zeppelin, and the store managers still managed NOT TO HEAR OF THEM!

    I mean COME ON, this CD would sell well on the mand members' names alone, and they still don't care about them. But of course, every time Tokio Hotel (or whatever cheesy-lame-teeny-pop-rock wannabees you can think of) releases a new album they have it in their stores on the first day.

    So, i've finally had it enough, found a FLAC version of the album on some torent site, but guess what? For some reason limewire DOESN'T WORK PROPERLY FOR ME ANYMORE, AND I CAN'T DOWNLOAD IT EITHER.

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    Heh, everybody has some sort of celebration today. I'll go out for a drink (read: to get wasted), because i turned 21 today, and i'm finally not a "young driver" anymore (which means that i'm allowed to drink one beer before driving, until 21 i wasn't allowed to do so, that's the law in Slovenia). But i won't be driving, i'll rather walk
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    So, any progress on your new song?
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    Well in that case you need to save the changes, either you name the file differently if you want to keep the original file unchanged, or you save the changes in that same file.

    However, if you save that as a new file, then you must save the multitrack session too (if you started the multitrack session), because if you don't do that, the next time you open the session the old track will be in it (the session will keep the file with the original name in it, but if you save it before closing the new file should be automatically put in the session), and you'll have to manually replace that track with the new, changed track.

    For example: you started (and have saved) a multitrack session, and want to change a guitar track in edit view, so you double-click it, make some changes, and save that track as guitar1changed (original name was guitar1 or whatever), and then go back to multitrack view, the track should be replaced with guitar1canged. You save the changes to session, and it's done
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    Hmm, i don't know about that, but i noticed some glitches too - after i saved the mixing session and wanted to create a mixdown, sometimes the mixdown was without some effects. I don't know why is that, but since i had saved the session i just restarted the program and saved that mixdown again.

    If you work in multitrack view then the changes you make to each track are non-destructive - if you apply effects in multitrack wiew then you'll notice them only after you save the mixdown of the whole session. But if you apply effects in edit view this is a destructive way, the changes you make for each track (for example if you add an effect to a guitar in edit view) can't be undone once you save the file and close the program. If you do that in multitrack view, all you have to do is turn that effect off and it disappears.

    Did you apply effects in the multitrack or edit view? Because if you applied an effect in multitrack view and then viewed a track in edit view before saving the mixdown, you'll notice no changes.

    edit: it's like this: if you work in multitrack view, and apply for example flanger effect to a guitar track, and then doubleclick on that track to see it in edit view, you won't hear that change, but you will hear it after you saved the mixdown from the session. Is this what you meant? Or perhaps it's a glitch similar to what i desctibed in the beggining of this post...
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    Heh, everybody confuses Slovakia and Slovenia, i'm from Slovenia. Don't worry about it, it's just funny, and we talked about it just a day or two ago with dff_punk and holland25

    Nice, i'm already interested. Although songs like you're working on can be quite a challenge, you have to make sure everything really fits together and flows well. Maybe i'll do a song like that one day, but it probably won't be used for my band, maybe rather for some side-project or so, it would be too different from what we usually play.

    This new song i'm working has that creepy fucked up atmosphere, almost like Love Hate Love from AiC, although the chords are totally different and tempo is a bit faster, if you compare the songs they won't sound similar to another (when i'll finish my song), it's just that dark atmosphere... It won't be a song to listen to if you feel suicidal, it could push you over the edge...
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    Still haven't got Them Crooked Vultures album. I feel something like junkies probably feel when they try to give up heroin...

    Instead, to calm myself a bit, i started fucking around with my guitar again. The result was a few heavy ass riffs that could make a very good grunge song, and the vibe is dark... Maybe it's similar to something AiC would do when Layne was still alive.

    I have to keep working on this, it could turn up very interesting
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    Damn, did they play the brown note?

    Fuck, i'm getting impatient, i hope that somehow i would get that album until this saturday (my birthday). I can't only listen to Black Gives Way To Blue over and over (although it's a motherfucking amazing album), i need some new music also. Overall, 2009 was a great year for music, so many good releases.
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    I'm sure that CD will sound great, youtube versions aren't worth mentioning. The issue i have is more with how the mastering is done today, but that's something i'll have to live with, as pretty much all new releases have very little dynamic range (the difference between loud and soft parts of the song), the whole songs sound equally loud (for example, clean guitar parts are just as loud as overdriven guitars, which should be much louder or the whole effect is lost). There are a few exceptions luckilly, Nirvana's Live At Reading (10 db dynamic range or even more) and a few more. This video demonstrates the problem in the best possible way:

    Otherwise, i don't think there would be something production wise that would be wrong with the album. In fact, i love the way it sounds (at least what i heard so far)
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