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    5 Days Ago
    _Lost_ replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    If you hurry, you can hit 10,000 posts before the end of the year, so then, at least there will be that. Duskygrin, I'd respond, but you're so...
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    6 Days Ago
    The US successfully made much of the world capitalist and made much of the world somewhat dependent on the US. And as a result, the US's economy...
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    6 Days Ago
    Rooster replied to a thread All One to Me in Your Band Our first new song (from the compilation I talked about, it got released a bit over a week ago) :)
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    1 Week Ago
    Do you have proof that the US government gives most of its aid to insignificant countries? I mean, there are certainly things like when the US...
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    1 Week Ago
    Llamas replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    Oh, I think we all know perfectly well. And I might refer to your dog-self as "scruffy", personally.
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    1 Week Ago
    Duskygrin, you're really making me think of Eric Cartman right now. And thanks for the vocabulary, I didn't know. Always useful. I'll admit...
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    1 Week Ago
    I look like a very nice and cool dog (so most likely ugly according to Duskygrin standards). A dog full of long hair that seems to drool a lot....
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    1 Week Ago
    There are a number of countries that score higher than the US in a number of areas. That includes countries like Germany, which has nearly 1/3 of the...
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    1 Week Ago
    Llamas replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    Jesus fucking christ. I don't give a shit when you call me ugly, but insulting a baby? You've somehow managed to reach a new low. Wonderfully...
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    1 Week Ago
    Wow Dusky, what a cool person you are ! I mean... having the courage not to obey the social standards of calling babies cute just because they are...
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    1 Week Ago
    Lucy That was... I'll put a 5/10. Now I love Luc Besson. I grew up with his movies and as a little girl, I was of course fascinated by...
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    1 Week Ago
    _Lost_ replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    Man, this year has been, as cheesy as this sounds, a complete rollercoaster. Financially, this has been the absolute worst and most unstable year...
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    1 Week Ago
    OTC treatments won't really help, as the infection is deep and not on the surface like a regular pimple. For the blackheads, try changing your...
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    1 Week Ago
    Llamas, congrats with your company ! And I also hope you find out about your mom soon... Dff-Punk, we followed your efforts to get sober and I'm...
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    2 Weeks Ago
    Llamas replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    I've never really found the calendar year to be something worth using as a measure - it's arbitrary, and I don't really see January 1 as the start or...
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    2 Weeks Ago
    T-6005 replied to a thread Racism is wrong. in General Chat
    You're welcome.
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    Now this'll be just a perfect gift for my birthday...

    Can't wait, finally some good music is being released again (Alice In Chains,...)
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    I'll check it, i'm interested in how it sounds (you used adobe audition?)

    That's great news about the studio, seems like things are getting better for you guys, i can't wait for the EP!

    We are doing great, i just came home from the place where we slept over after our yesterday's gig. This time we fucking ruled, and we were kind of "headliners", since we were the last band to perform. We didn't do any big mistakes, vocals from me and the second guitarist sounded great (we have both improved a lot, my vocal range is getting wider), and our performance triggered quite a few moshpits. It was wild, our best gig yet by far, and the crowd was also bigger than before (although the number of people in the crowd varied a lot, as we played very late, we started around 1:30 AM or so).

    I'm fucking exhausted today
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    Damn, BGWTB is growing on me every time i listen to it. It might turn ut to be my favorite release this year, maybe even among my favorite ever albums.

    My biggest complaint is that the dynamic range is too small, it's yet another victim of the loudness war. But then again, when they recorded it they apparently wanted to create this "wall of sound", they overdubbed Cantrell's guitars and everything to make it sound as big as possible, so maybe this effect was desired. Still, they didn't do it to the same extension as Metallica's Death Magnetic, and there is only small amount of cliping on BGWTB, so it still sounds good for todays standards (DM songs have roughly 8 times more clipping as BGWTB ones, i calculated it with adobe audition).
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    We had a gig on 26th september, our next gig is on 16th october.

    Anyway, the reception was quite good. We fucked up a few things (i wrote more about that in the fistcuffs social group), but it was still good. I wasn't nervous at all, and now i'm looking forward to our next gig.
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    Yep, it's never going to be the same without Layne. But still, the magic is there, and Black Gives Way to Blue is a fantastic album. It just gives that '90s feel i miss so much nowadays. The artwork is good too - simple, but good. It was deffinitely worth buying.

    I think this is more of a "transition" album, they are only slowly bringing in DuVall (hence Cantrell singing most of the lead vocals) - maybe they thought that the difference would be too big if DuVall took most of lead vocals. This is more like a farewell to Layne, and at the same time a new beginning for the band. Still, it's an excellent album, and i can't wait what the future will bring.

    4 Drummers? Damn, you change drummers like underwear [/lame joke]. I hope he fits well in the band, so you could finally start properly. Trust me, it's awesome when you start with gigs
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    Hey man, any news with your band? The saturday's gig went great, although we fucked up a few things. But we enjoyed it very much, that's what matters. Now we have to prepare for the next gig on 16th october...

    Oh, and is there anything new with Them Crooked Vultures? I keep checking every now and then, I really hope we'll hear some new material soon, as it's awesome.

    Now i'm digging the new Alice In Chains album. Great stuff, you almost get the feeling that Layne is still alive. I could never imagine they would come back this strong, they really sound like themselves, not just like they would want to imitate the style they got famous for. It doesn't feel like it's been 14 years from their previous album, it's like it was recorded sometime during the '90s but not released until now. Check it, you might like (i really like it, it's a perfect mixture of grunge and metal)
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    That would be great, I just took a look at the site and would love to see what you come up with.
    That's the spirit ... don't give up on your dream and I am sure if you have done all that is possible this time around, you will get in
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    Would you feel comfortable letting me read some of your stuff?
    I do a little writing myself but it is mainly a hobby.
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    WOW ... interesting career choice Is there any part of journalism that you want to specialize in?
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    No problem
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