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    1 Hour Ago
    There are a number of countries that score higher than the US in a number of areas. That includes countries like Germany, which has nearly 1/3 of the...
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    Llamas replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    Jesus fucking christ. I don't give a shit when you call me ugly, but insulting a baby? You've somehow managed to reach a new low. Wonderfully...
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    Wow Dusky, what a cool person you are ! I mean... having the courage not to obey the social standards of calling babies cute just because they are...
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    2 Days Ago
    Lucy That was... I'll put a 5/10. Now I love Luc Besson. I grew up with his movies and as a little girl, I was of course fascinated by...
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    Man, this year has been, as cheesy as this sounds, a complete rollercoaster. Financially, this has been the absolute worst and most unstable year...
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    OTC treatments won't really help, as the infection is deep and not on the surface like a regular pimple. For the blackheads, try changing your...
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    Llamas, congrats with your company ! And I also hope you find out about your mom soon... Dff-Punk, we followed your efforts to get sober and I'm...
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    I've never really found the calendar year to be something worth using as a measure - it's arbitrary, and I don't really see January 1 as the start or...
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    You're welcome.
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    The Tiger's Wife. Brilliant book by Tea Obreht, with a purposeful geographical vagueness, but I'm pretty sure anyone who's familiar with European...
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    First of all, this would totally work on me. It is a ridiculous and excellent sentence. Be quiet, secondary personality. Now that my different...
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    I don't think it's a valid concern. I know plenty of people who've sought therapy and haven't once been put on any drugs. I also went to a campus...
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    Jawhol, Frau Maria !
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    Harleyquiiinn replied to a thread Flexibility in General Chat
    Dusky, you're being way too rigid about the topic of this tread. Maybe you should try to bend a little, you a little more flexible...
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    I think it's possible, but i'm not 100% sure, and now it's too late here to turn on my guitar amp, my family would murder me

    It sounds a bit weird if you turn down the volume of the amp, because you can hear the guitar strings alongside the sound from the amp, and because of the different tuning it sounds really weird. But if you turn the volume up there is no problem.
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    Thanks! Downloading it right now...

    The pedal cost me 170 €, and it was totally worth it. It looks very tough, with metal and rubber casing, almost no plastic. The reviews i read about it were all very positive, 9.8 out of 10. It's supposely very reliable.

    And i absolutely love that detuning effect, you can make your guitar sound extremely low just by pressing a button, no need to waste your time with actually tuning your guitar differently
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    Wow, thanks dude, i really like Oscilator Blues, i hope their other albums are just as good or even better!

    By the way, i bought a foot switch a few days ago, zoom g2.1u. It's fantastic, really great sound and tons of effects. Now i don't have to re-tune my guitar if i want to play QOTSA or KYUSS - the foor switch has the effect so your guitar can sound tuned differently than it really is. You can "tune" it incredibly low, even lower than KYUSS

    Anyway, the drummer of my band got the recording equipment, so he'll start recording drum parts in the next few days. So that means our first EP will be our pretty soon. 6 songs, one of them will be quite QOTSA-ish. I think it really fits on the EP, it makes a really nice transition from 2 fast punk songs to one slower but heavy grunge song (the QOTSAish song, titeled Loner, is similar tempo to No One Knows, and it really fits as a bridge from the fast songs to the grunge song, titeled Semper Fi). The whole EP will have really great flow the way i'm imagining it.

    I'll tell you when it's released
  4. Yes this is a great album...Definitely one of the best. I can't choose my favorite album, it usually changes. Same for favorite song... but if I had to choose, it would probably be Not Ready yet...
  5. exactly ! but it also has Daisies like sounds... in the end, it really has its own sound. I've been listening to it non-stop for a week and I am very happy about it cause I was a little disappointed by Shootenany and BLOR (eventhough I really like them too...).
    For now, I really like Fresh Blood.
  6. Hey Superdope. Eels and Offspring => Good taste Did you listen to the last album yet ?
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    I'm sorry for my brusqueness last week. I actually figured out what it was that didn't seem to work for the track. I think your amp wasn't loud enough (me and randy discussed it and came to that conclusion). I recommend turning up the amp and turning down the mic sensitivity. It'll hopefully make it a bit smoother without losing the chunky grunge that you were going for.
  8. Damn, the errand boy thing happens to us all man. Haha. They'll get over the novelty of not having to do everything themselves, and then you can peruse the streets for hot chix.

    Hehe, your driving offense was much less...offensive than mine. It's not even an absolute necessity to look over your shoulder. Glad you passed. :P
  9. Haha, awesome dude! No problem at all, was it?
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    Cool!!! I love it! Let's do it ^5! Any chance I could maybe do some background vox, too??
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