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    Yep, i'm deffinitely seeing Kyuss Lives! this sunday. Fuck this is gonna be so awesome, even the ride to Budapest itself is gonna be epic - miles and miles of highway, chilling out to some Kyuss music on the stereo...
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    Yeah, i know, but hey, one can never loose the hope that Josh might return one day . I must admit though that i was just waiting for this reunion to happen. I don't know why, it just seemed to me that it would. Just like Soundgarden reunion, i smelled that way before it actually happen. It was the same with Blink 182 (though i don't really care about them anymore). Maybe i'm telepathically forcing these dudes to reunite with their bands

    Anyway, some Kyuss is still better tna no Kyuss at all, i think we can both agree on that. And it's exciting as hell, knowing i'll see them live very soon. That'll be a great road trip

    Oh, and some updates about my band - we have tons of new material, and you'll love one of the new songs if you liked Semper Fi. This new song is by far our heaviest yet, it basically takes Semper Fi's direction even further, kind of like Bleach era Nirvana/late AiC hybrid direction. It's really dark and heavy.
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    I'm probably seeing Kyuss in about 2 weeks, me and one of my buddies are planning a road trip to Budapest to one of their gigs. I probably don't need to explicitely state this, but i'm fucking stoked!

    I just hope everything goes as planned
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    Yep, i've really been busy getting some awesome music. Though i haven't heard anything about AiC vinyls since i ordered them - it turned out they didn't have the release in stock, their site wasn't updated so it looked like they had it. But they did say they can get it for me, it'd just have to wait a bit more. And although i ordered the original limited edition i might get the non-limited reissue (or so i suspect), because the original edition was limited to just 2000 pieces and it's naturally been outsold already. But even if i get the reissue i'll still be happy with it, as it's still 180g high quality pressing for audiophiles.

    In other news, i got a new job, and it's awesome, much easier than my previous job as a mailman. I'll tell you more about it later, i gotta go now

    And i wish all best to you and your girlfriend. As long as you're happy together, everything will be ok
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    Today something really special come in the mail. I finally got Soundgarden's Superunknown CD, so now i own all 4 of the biggest albums from the big 4 grunge bands. Now i'm after Badmotorfinger.

    But that's not what made me really happy. What really made my day is Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun high quality 180 gram vinyl that also came by mail. I just might be the luckiest man alive right now
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    Holy shit dude. I mean HOLY SHIT!

    Just found some internet music store (the best thing is that it's Slovenian, so there shouldn't be any shipment problems for me). And i'm wondering how the fuck haven't i heard of them before. They have almost fucking EVERYTHING. Kyuss (basically whatever comes to mind, CD or vinyl; if they don't have it in stock they can order it for you), Soundgarden (pretty much everything, from their first release onwards, CDs and vinyls), AiC (again everything), you name it.

    So the only logical thing to do was to order AiC's Jar of Flies/Sap. Double album. On vinyl. Colored vinyl. Limited to 2000 copies only. Yes, it's the actual original limited edition release of those 2 EP's from 1994, and they have it in stock. I am stoked

    Unfortunately the rest of the music on my wishlist will have to wait, as i'm currently low on money. I did earn some cash when i was working as a mailman, but that'll go for my scholarship, so it's not to be touched until then
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    Just want to say hi!!
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    I hope i'll be able to get an original copy of it. But until then i'll try to find some a flac rip of the album. Judging from what i heard so far it's an excellent album.

    And holy fuck, Cornell can still hit the highs, found a video of their recent performance of Beyond The Wheel. He might not sound exactly as 20 years ago, but damn, he doesn't sound far off either. Maybe not exactly as strong, but he can still sing the high notes. Earth-shattering vocals, the man's a legend.

    And also, he recorded some new vocal parts for Black Rain, and they were mixed into the original recording. According to the producer he sounded exactly as when he originally recorded vocals for the song.
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    Just got my copy of Soundgarden: Telephantasm. 2 CD + DVD version of course. The artwork alone was worth the money, it's mind-blowing. I wonder why they picked the worst part for the cover.

    Anyway, with 3 of the big 4 grunge bands, 3 are still releasing stuff (or just recently began to release stuff). Grunge is officially back, although i knew this would happen the moment BGWTB was released.

    Now i wait for some actually NEW Soundgarden...

    edit: Listening to CD1... Godfuckingdamnit! I NEED to get some more pre-Superunknown Soundgarden. Holy fuck, that stuff's amazing. Before i only knew songs from Superunknown (downloaded it), Rusty Cage and Jesus Christ Pose.

    Oh, and the vocals on Beyond The Wheel... Holy fuck.
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    Now that you have had this experience in journalism, have you decided on the field that you would be suited to. I know that we previously discussed your writing and your interest in ‘cultural stuff’ but would you ever consider doing live broadcasting, be it radio or television.

    I am glad to hear that you are working on something new, musically and I’m looking forward to hearing it. However, you got to finish Alice, sooner rather than later Any idea when the new mixtape will be out?
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