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    15 Minutes Ago
    Duskygrin, you're really making me think of Eric Cartman right now. And thanks for the vocabulary, I didn't know. Always useful. I'll admit...
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    2 Hours Ago
    I look like a very nice and cool dog (so most likely ugly according to Duskygrin standards). A dog full of long hair that seems to drool a lot....
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    5 Hours Ago
    There are a number of countries that score higher than the US in a number of areas. That includes countries like Germany, which has nearly 1/3 of the...
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    23 Hours Ago
    Llamas replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    Jesus fucking christ. I don't give a shit when you call me ugly, but insulting a baby? You've somehow managed to reach a new low. Wonderfully...
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    1 Day Ago
    Wow Dusky, what a cool person you are ! I mean... having the courage not to obey the social standards of calling babies cute just because they are...
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    3 Days Ago
    Lucy That was... I'll put a 5/10. Now I love Luc Besson. I grew up with his movies and as a little girl, I was of course fascinated by...
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    3 Days Ago
    _Lost_ replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    Man, this year has been, as cheesy as this sounds, a complete rollercoaster. Financially, this has been the absolute worst and most unstable year...
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    3 Days Ago
    OTC treatments won't really help, as the infection is deep and not on the surface like a regular pimple. For the blackheads, try changing your...
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    4 Days Ago
    Llamas, congrats with your company ! And I also hope you find out about your mom soon... Dff-Punk, we followed your efforts to get sober and I'm...
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    5 Days Ago
    Llamas replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    I've never really found the calendar year to be something worth using as a measure - it's arbitrary, and I don't really see January 1 as the start or...
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    5 Days Ago
    T-6005 replied to a thread Racism is wrong. in General Chat
    You're welcome.
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    1 Week Ago
    T-6005 replied to a thread What are you Reading? in General Chat
    The Tiger's Wife. Brilliant book by Tea Obreht, with a purposeful geographical vagueness, but I'm pretty sure anyone who's familiar with European...
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    1 Week Ago
    T-6005 replied to a thread Flexibility in General Chat
    First of all, this would totally work on me. It is a ridiculous and excellent sentence. Be quiet, secondary personality. Now that my different...
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    1 Week Ago
    Llamas replied to a thread Flexibility in General Chat
    I don't think it's a valid concern. I know plenty of people who've sought therapy and haven't once been put on any drugs. I also went to a campus...
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    1 Week Ago
    Harleyquiiinn replied to a thread Flexibility in General Chat
    Jawhol, Frau Maria !
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    2 Weeks Ago
    Harleyquiiinn replied to a thread Flexibility in General Chat
    Dusky, you're being way too rigid about the topic of this tread. Maybe you should try to bend a little, you a little more flexible...
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    Well, in october this year my roommate (from my student's dorm) told me his schoolmate plays drums. We then met at a party and that's how it all started. Then one of my schoolmates said he could play bass, but now he said he can't do it unfortunately, he must first solve some problems with his own band, so the drummer said his brother could play bass instead (i hope this would work out). He also found the second guitar player.

    Hehe, i spent the whole last year looking for someone to form a band (although i wished to form a band for much longer time), but i had no luck, and now i found members in just three months. I couldn't believe it myself. Anyway, i'll try to do the vocals, but if i won't be good we'll find another vocalist, because i don't want to screw this up.

    edit: oh, and we would play some punk mixed with grunge, perhaps some QOTSA influences too, i have some riffs that would perfectly fit for them
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    Well, trust me, that homemade mead liquor (about 40 % of alcohol or more) is great. The only thing that it has common with schnapps is that burning sensation in your stomach (although a bit less obvious than pure schnapps). It tastes absolutely delicious, you would like it.

    And yeah, a toga party will be awesome. It's also on the same day that i have first practice with my band ever. I guess that the practice will be earlier, and then i'll go partying. Finally my dream came true, i have a band. Hell yeah!!!
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    I must admit i rarely drink schnapps (if it's mixed that's another story ). But it's great if it contains some honey - it tastes really sweet, and makes you feel nicely warm. It's some kind of a honey liquor (we call it "medeno žganje" in our language). My grandfather makes that liquor at home, and he makes some homemade schnapps also, some really strong shit

    Anyway, i'll be drunk as fuck again very soon... My university class organises toga party this tuesday. I'll try to report to you how the party would go... At least as much as i would remember
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    It was great, thanks!

    I was drunk as fuck, saw everything doubled. The hangover wasn't too bad luckily

    check alcoholics un-anonymous group, i wrote more about it there
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    Ugh, that could be exhausting. I know how it's like when you have a really bad hangover and you have to go somewhere. I have had to do so on more occasions, and i hated it. I hope it will all go well for you...
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    I totally understand you. My hangovers are getting weaker lately, and don't appear as often any more (i don't complain here ), but a few weeks ago i had an especially strong hangover. I drank 10 redbull vodkas the night before (they were cheap that night, 2 glasses of vodka and one can of redbull for only 2 €). 5 redbulls alone drive you crazy, imagine 10 redbull vodkas then... I'll do that never again
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    Thanks. I can't wait till monday when i have the party. I have it on monday, because that's when i'll be back in my students dorm, plus i don't have any lessons on tuesday - Perfect day for sobering up

    It'll be a hell of a party!
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    Once again: you lucky bastard

    And good opening bands. You should have a great time at that show, considering the bands that play there, plus you'll hear Metallica's new material live in first person. I quite envy you
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    Thanks. this was actually the first time i saw Ixnay in any store. Probably it's not "mainstream" enough, and doesn't sell well here.

    You got the tickets for Metallica? You lucky bastard . I hope they come near Slovenia anytime soon, i'd really like to see them.
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    I totally agree with you. Just the first few notes of Gardenia are enough to convince you that this is a great album. Othet than this, i (finally) managed to get Ixnay On The Hombre CD, and (now this was a real surprise) an Iron Maiden: The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg CD SINGLE (i like maiden very much, and before today i have never seen a CD single in any slovenian store. I bought it instantly). It's my lucky day
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