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    True, festivals kind of suck because of that. But as far as i'm concerned, at least the Zagreb setlist was decently long with 16 songs (it was the opening day of a festival), setlists from some other festivals were shorter, 11-13 songs or so. 15 songs isn't that bad either.

    I'll try to find TCV setlist from Roskilde show too
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    I found the setlist of the show:

    1. Rain When I Die
    2. Them Bones
    3. Dam That River
    4. Again
    5. It Ain't Like That
    6. Check My Brain
    7. Your Decision
    8. No Excuses
    9. Lesson Learned
    10. Acid Bubble
    11. Nutshell
    12. Angry Chair
    13. Man in the Box
    14. Would?
    15. Rooster

    Looks like a solid setlist, a bit shorter than in Zagreb show. Too bad they didn't play Last of My Kind like in Zagreb, because that song is absolute killer live, William does a great job at it.
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    I forgot to ask... Do you remember the AiC setlist? If they played Rotten Apple i'll be uber-jealous.

    And now, after much time passed since its release, i began to notice how well BGWTB is holding against the past AiC albums. It's my second favorite from them, just a tiny mouse hair behind Dirt. My least favorite of their studio albums is Facelift, though it's not far behind. I didn't count the EPs in there.
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    I kind of envy you. But still, the fact that i saw Alice In the motherfucking Chains live is quite some comfort for me. I went to the gig, it was spectacular, but a few days after i was like "Fuck, i really saw them live! Woooooohooooooo!". It took me a few days to fully realize what i saw

    I've been good, thanks. I'm looking for a job, and i'll study something else, i've finally been fed up with what i was studying until now, as it didn't go anywhere. And the band is doing ok, despite we lost our rhytm guitarist/lead vocalist. But we already found replacements, and it looks like we're gonna be a 5-piece band from now on. And we have some new material...
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    So, how was the show at Roskilde?
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    Damn, AiC AND TCV? You sir are a very lucky man
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    Today's the big day. AiC show in Zagreb. I am so there

    edit: Went there. This is something i'll never regret. The show was absolutely incredible.

    The setlist:

    1. Again
    2. Them Bones
    3. Dam That River
    4. Rain When I Die
    5. Check My Brain
    6. Your Decision
    7. No Excuses
    8. Last of My Kind
    9. We Die Young
    10. Acid Bubble
    11. Down in a Hole
    12. Angry Chair
    13. Man in the Box


    14. Nutshell (they dedicated this one to Layne, i recorded the entire song)
    15. Would?
    16. Rooster

    It was a great setlist (the only thing that was missing was A Looking In View, i hoped they would play that song too), and they played for an hour and twenty minutes or so. I recorded a few songs, but unfortunately the sound of the recordings is really shitty.

    Also, they tossed out guitar picks to the crowd, with aliceinchain-ish artwork on it. I can prove it! No really, i can.
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    Finally i found the Holy Grail. After months of searching, i found a single copy of AiC - Dirt in some store. Strangely enough that shop also has an internet store, and they have BGWTB and The Essential available for order, but you can't order Facelift, Dirt or self-titled, which they do sell at their shops, though they are really hard to find (especially Dirt, which is even weirder, since it's regarded as AiC's best and most popular album).

    Now the next quest - trying to get some Soundgarden. ANY Soundgarden. Which will be even harder, since i haven't seen a single SG cd anywhere so far, it's almost like they didn't exist...

    Yep, music shops in my country pretty much suck.
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    I don't know. I was lucky when i got KYUSS Sky Valley. I had to wait for about a month to get RAFRAG (i couldn't find it anywhere). I was quite lucky with TCV, i only had to wait for a week after its release date. But with Alice In Chains it's similar story like with KYUSS albums - they're rarer than gold. I got BGWTB about two days after its release, but others are nowhere to be found. I ordered Dirt from some internet store, but it's out of stock. I was really lucky to get Facelift and s/t in the same package, since they're not nearly as popular as Dirt. It's a pain in the ass to get some good music here.

    Anyway, the show i'm planning to attend is on Croatia, not too far away from my home. It's a festival, but Alice In Chains are the opening act, they play on the first day of the festival (21st june), and they're the only band that day, so they should have a solidly long setlist
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    Looks like i'll be seeing Alice In Chains this june... If everything goes right and i make it to the gig (it's in Croatia, but the trip won't be too long, if only i manage to get somebody who would go there too) i can die happy.

    Seriously, holy fuck! Since i started listening to them about a year ago they quickly became one of my favorite bands. My favorite band is (or was) Nirvana, but now i'm equally crazy about AiC.

    Oh, and a few days ago i struck gold - i found Facelift and selftitled (or Tripod) in the same package, for 13 euros. AiC albums are really hard to get here. Now i just need Dirt and i'll have all of their studio albums (excluding EPs).
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