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    5 Days Ago
    _Lost_ replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    If you hurry, you can hit 10,000 posts before the end of the year, so then, at least there will be that. Duskygrin, I'd respond, but you're so...
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    6 Days Ago
    The US successfully made much of the world capitalist and made much of the world somewhat dependent on the US. And as a result, the US's economy...
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    1 Week Ago
    Rooster replied to a thread All One to Me in Your Band Our first new song (from the compilation I talked about, it got released a bit over a week ago) :)
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    1 Week Ago
    Do you have proof that the US government gives most of its aid to insignificant countries? I mean, there are certainly things like when the US...
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    1 Week Ago
    Llamas replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    Oh, I think we all know perfectly well. And I might refer to your dog-self as "scruffy", personally.
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    1 Week Ago
    Duskygrin, you're really making me think of Eric Cartman right now. And thanks for the vocabulary, I didn't know. Always useful. I'll admit...
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  • Harleyquiiinn's Avatar
    1 Week Ago
    I look like a very nice and cool dog (so most likely ugly according to Duskygrin standards). A dog full of long hair that seems to drool a lot....
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  • Llamas's Avatar
    1 Week Ago
    There are a number of countries that score higher than the US in a number of areas. That includes countries like Germany, which has nearly 1/3 of the...
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    1 Week Ago
    Llamas replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    Jesus fucking christ. I don't give a shit when you call me ugly, but insulting a baby? You've somehow managed to reach a new low. Wonderfully...
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    1 Week Ago
    Wow Dusky, what a cool person you are ! I mean... having the courage not to obey the social standards of calling babies cute just because they are...
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    1 Week Ago
    Lucy That was... I'll put a 5/10. Now I love Luc Besson. I grew up with his movies and as a little girl, I was of course fascinated by...
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    1 Week Ago
    _Lost_ replied to a thread How was your year? in General Chat
    Man, this year has been, as cheesy as this sounds, a complete rollercoaster. Financially, this has been the absolute worst and most unstable year...
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    1 Week Ago
    OTC treatments won't really help, as the infection is deep and not on the surface like a regular pimple. For the blackheads, try changing your...
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    1 Week Ago
    Llamas, congrats with your company ! And I also hope you find out about your mom soon... Dff-Punk, we followed your efforts to get sober and I'm...
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    That's great news, my friend! A fresh dose of FJ's dizziness is always delicious. Play Dead is just fine.
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    I am looking forward to your seven inch.. minute epicness. <3
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    dude dude duude duuuuude! I'm in all-internal love with High Life!
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    Is the program working for you now?

    I managed to recover the presets i lost because of my computer crashing. The trickiest presets to recreate would be the ones i made for multiband compressor, for guitar sound, and 2 additional presets for compressing/expanding the whole mixes. But since i burned that sessions onto a DVD everything is safe, i can always recover those presets in that way (if you loose the presets you made, but you used them in a session before and saved that session, it saves all the settings of those presets, so you just have to save the settings as presets again).
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    Hey dude, i'm sorry i'm replying so late, but both my laptop and PC crashed last week, and now i finally got the PC back (the only way to get online last week was with my mobile phone, it sucks). I had to get a new motherboard for the PC, and the C drive crashed. Luckilly i've already burned all my important files and some programs to DVDs before it crashed, so i didn't loose much. I didn't burn everything though, but luckilly the D drive didn't crash so everything on there is intact (and most of my files and programs were on that drive anyway).

    Your problem is easy to fix: just find the crack file, it should be in a separate folder, together with the program you downloaded, and copy that file into the folder where you installed adobe audition. The program would ask you if you want to replace the original file with that crack, and you click yes. But don't forget to make a backup copy of the original audition.exe first, just in case.

    I hope i helped

    edit: the presets i made in adobe audition are gone again (probably one of the consequences of the computer crashing last week). But since i saved all the sessions it won't be too hard to obtain them again, i'll simply save the settings as presets again, except from a few ones which couldn't be recreated this way (but i memorised their settings, so it shouldn't be too hard)
  6. I might have a brand new song for you to listen to , if you're interested. Completely exclusive, never before heard!
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    Smoooooth? Was this meant for the songs? Sorry if i misunderstood, i'm a bit sleepy...
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    Hmm, maybe i'll submit something then, i just have to ask the others about which song would be the best. I like Semper Fi the most (i think that's your favorite from our songs too), but i don't think it's the best song to represent our sound. That would probably be Struggle (dual vocals, melodic riffs, fast-paced, rhytm changes,...).

    I'm looking worward to hear your submission
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    No, i thought that the submissions had to be songs that hadn't already been released separately. And we released our songs as a demo, so...

    Or is this a non issue? You submitted anything?
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