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    okey it is good....
    are you going to the offspring concert?
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    hey do you know facebook?
  3. Well, I still got time to upload something for you. Just tell me what do you need.
  4. I'm here now, and will be for 4 - 5 hours at least.
  5. yeah but when animals attack its not like they r being mean, they do it cause they r scared or cause they r hungry, very hungry! and its not like they have another choice

    some elephant circus have killed their masters cause they have been brutalized everyday for lot of years, even big and wild animals have a breaking point!

    instead, humans, dont need to kill animals to take their fur so then they can make coats, (humans can use other material), humans dont need to use bull to entertain themselves (they have other options) and so on so on

    so when the lion kills the zebra to eat, yeah, its the law of natura, but that is because lions dont have any other option available, its not like they have supermarkets and stuff LOL

    and im not a vegan, just vegetarian, but im working on it :P and ive tastes some really bad fucking BAD stuff too ahah
  6. Thanks, the new month of avatar competition starts tomorrow, so I already chose my.
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    Why wouldn't you qualify ... isn't it American to be all that you can be
  8. i do volunteer at dog shelters when i have the time ive also taken a lot of dogs and cat out of the streets.

    AHAHA thanks :P u r cool too if ya think that way too!

    ahah well, i am a vegetarian, but u dont have to be a vegetarian in order to defend or care for animals ya know? there are ssoooo many ways
  9. yeah that would be lovely :P BUT, keep in mind that it is not necessary to get them owners, but VERY GOOD keepers, otherwise those puppies would grow, be unhappy, bite someone, go to the dog pound and get killed, or they will be abandoned by someone and hitted by a car and so on so on, yeah, ive know all the sad stories there is to know...

    so, it would be really cool to go through all the pregnancy progress, but i think the responsabilities r just too big and serious to even attempt if the probabilty of failing is always there...

    thats y i neutered mine lol, i can barely find owners to those i find on the street, let alone 6 or 7 new trustfull keepers all at once!

    well, maybe in USA things r easier :P
  10. Umm, I'm not. I don't have a reason
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