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  1. haha yeah i paly a bit of drums and guitar and bass and try to sing in a band haha..

    yeah the teachers couldnt prove we were doing it but there was a beer bottle on the ground and i had a pack of smokes in my pocket haha
  2. You're The Piano? I did not know that.
  3. What were your old usernames. I want a list of every single one if there is more than one.
  4. No. In spanish class we need to use spanish names and I stole yours. My official spanish name is now Dulce Cortez.
  5. Not all of them are like that. Don't get in to it. Some kids are crazy. You are Dulce Cortez right?
  6. Yeah you should've.
    Check me out. I am wearing the offspring shirt
  7. It was hilarious and chaotic
  8. Now I watch the vid the 7 yr old taped and I can not stop laughing
  9. There was a 5 yr old 7 yr old and a 9 yr old and the 7 yr old is taping and she hits her toe on a screw and it is bleedindg so i see the blood and pass out so the 9 yr old gets the first aid kit and the 5 thinks i am dead and is punching me and screaming "shes dead" in the back yard. Then a neighbor calls an ambulance but we were able to get a hold of them and tell them not to come before they got here
  10. Yeah. I got cool stuff. I got a $100 digi cam but it doesn't work so I get to try to find a new one this weekend.
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