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    Hey I've also been enjoying the conversations; you're one of the few "new" (though I know you're not actually new) members that strike me as pretty cool. I like real debate and conversation where people don't act like morons

    I'd say I agree that it's semantics, but that I definitely don't think the Offspring realized it was one of those four-chord bombs Rob Paravonian first made fun of, and then Axis of Awesome made into a huge joke. And that joke doesn't actually make fun of songs that never change throughout; it's just the fact that SO MANY SONGS use those chords, because they're ultra reliable and they sound nice.

    Anyway, thanks for the bday wishes, and thanks for reaching out for conversation!
  2. Haha, yeah. That band disintegrated, as bands with 1000 people in them often do. I still play sometimes, but not often enough. I've lost all my callouses and need to work on getting them back, but too busy working working to do that. I also think I'm starting to get carpal tunnel syndrome so I'm going to yoga a lot to combat that. Good times. What about you, man?
  3. sup, yo. How you livin?
  4. I've heard amazing things about Argentina. The first real job I had in NYC was replacing someone who decamped for Buenos Aires with his girlfriend for 9 months, which was by all accounts an orgy of great wine, amazing beef, and cheap and amazing handcrafted yarn purchasing. So it sounds like my kinda place, and I hope to get out there sometime.

    BTW - you sent me my first Kate Bush MP3, "This Woman's Work." I just want you to know I grew up to find out that "Running Up That Hill" is the real ultimate jam.
  5. Yeah, it was vanilla ice cream as lube. My thought recently was "ewww instant yeast infection." You crazy, man.

    Still playing bass, left Chicago for Boston then for NYC. Spent 5 years in NYC, then moved to southern CA. It's weird, because NYC feels more like home than my actual home, even when I was just visiting when I was like 13. But I had to go and fall in love with someone who lives here. He's from NYC though, which doesn't make me miss NYC any less but I'll just keep telling myself that.

    South America! That's awesome. Glad to hear things are good.
  6. It's funny you mention ice cream, because just the other day I thought of a use for vanilla ice cream you told me about once. You made that up, right?
  7. Because...the car?
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