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  1. Hehe, nah, I'll be doing most of it today and finishing it tomorrow because - shhhh - it's my birthday on Sunday! I have no plans though, sadly, but at least the day is free should I decide to do something on a whim
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    Randy, heeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

    Sorry for late answer, but damn, I haven't been here on the boards for a while now. Just checking it sometimes. Gah, you know, school and stuff takes a lot of energy... "/

    Except for that, everythings going fine. Got a video I should have edited, but much work. Also, must record the YGGFK solo. Btw, it's vacation now (had it since Monday)! ...but soon over, damn.

    Anyways, how's it going with you?
  3. I actually found out late on last night that we've been given an extension, so the work doesn;t have to be handed in now until Wednesday. Woohoo!

  4. I actually put a lot of effort into that post this time. I think it sounds reasonably intelligent, compared to my usual standard of posting
    These threads will never accomplish anything though, don't know why I bother.
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    Yeah, i thought so about rapidshare. But i noticed that your files get deleted after a certain period anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Yep, i'm still singing, as is the second guitarist. We'll play Reach for The Sky from Social Distortion, possibly Don't Drag Me Down (but only if i manage to learn the solo in time, this won't be so easy ), Million Miles Away, some Operation Ivy, NOFX. I hope we'll do it good.

    edit: actually, i was informed today we'll have 2 gigs (2 parties, but the same place) - one in 8 days and another one in 14 days.
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    Hey, thanks for the birthday wishes, it was a good one . Sorry about the late reply, just got back off holiday.
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    Dude, i got some big news. In two weeks we'll have our first gig. Well, actually we play at a house party that the drummer organises, but i'm excited anyway. Probably we'll mainly play covers, we haven't practiced our own material enough. We're not 100% sure yet though, but if we practice enough we could pull it off.

    Oh, and that copyrights stuff that JN posted made me think. Probably i'll remove the rapidshare links in s-d thread and upload the riffs again when they are properly protected. But i don't know how to get those old unprotected files off rapidshare though.
  8. Yeah, that's true! But unfortunately the work that they're done counts towards my mark, and the work I do counts towards theirs so if one fails we all fail. No pressure!
    Good luck with the recording
  9. Hehe, well, it's now the day before and I've barely made a dent in what needs to be done. I can't let my group down though, even thought they have been complete assholes sometimes.
  10. Hey, hehe, no worries. I figured it was the internet that was at fault. I've been trying to get work done for a project due tomorrow so haven't been in chat mode anyway. I've got so much work to do it's crazy. I'll probably end up doing an all-nighter tonight. Eek!
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