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  1. wut happened to the other guys?

    ya know wut id really like to? to talk to u!
  2. i think im going

    so, wuts up with u?
  3. AHAHAHAHAH ur funny :P LOOOL
  4. ehehe everytime i go there the conversation dies....

    r u awake now? lol
  5. hey, another option on Opera: if you press the left button twice on one word, appears a menu with various options (copy, search, translate, etc)...
  6. yea, i should just stick with one username from now on. so, anyways as long as your having a good time with yourself or your lovely lady. well, talk with ya later. take care. xoxoxoxox

    p.s. im just fine and other stuff. and nothings been new lately just the same old shit but different fucking day. imma just look at life in a complete total dump! lol haha lol hehe jk
  7. I do the same thing.
    Sometimes go for like, 10 mins without blinking eaither.
    If i'm swimming i don't come up for air untill i think about it.

  8. I have 3 or 4 and enough! ehehe
  9. they fix x problems, but create y LOOOL

    the firefox have add-ons.... more addons you have, more heavy... so, more RAM LOOL
  10. ahahah, Opera is great

    I use linux, and when i check the top processes, firefox with one tab "eat" 26% and opera with 7 tabs, 2%... big big diference... (talking about the processor)
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October 28, 1985 (32)
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Everybody to the limit.Truck driver. Musician. Punk Rock enthusiast. Activist. Peerless lover. Fearless fighter. Haver of Y Chromosomes. ------Randy was born into humble beginnings on the planet of Mars. His father and ancestors before him worked in the mines of the nearby moon, Phobos. Randman knew this was not the destiny that stood before him. When he turned 9 years old, the Martian equivalent to 18 Earth years, he decided to leave his home planet and venture to a planet where he could express his artistic imagination: Earth.Upon arrival, however, his talent was met with little attention. After several attempts and eventual failure, he was on his last stretch of hope. If he didn't make a name for himself, it was off back to Mars and the mines. After an epic show at a local club, a small, unknown band took notice of his talent and asked him to sing for their band. They were The SRIs, featuring drummer Josh Freese, Guitarist Jesus Christ and Bassist Chuck Norris. After 3 short practices, they began recording their debut album.The album, This Album Is So Awesome, You Have No Fucking Idea was released to unsatisfactory results, only selling 4 million units in the United States. After such a failure, they buckled down for their next album.This album was Out Next Album. It was so incredible, it launched the band to superstardom. It's success could only be matched by the next five albums, Hey, Are You Still Listening, What's That Smell?, Earth Just Shit It's Pants, Try Not to Jizz Yourself, and Rise and Rise, Kiss Our Ass. With quintuple diamond certifications for all seven of their albums, The SRIs can be hailed as the greatest band ever to have been conceived.--Adapted from a biography by Brian Donald Ponce, noted historian
Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Sports, Awesomeness, American Civil War, Stand-up Comedy, Punk rock, Video Games, Nature, Philosophy


My myoosik:

The SRIs: (Thread)(Soundcloud)
McFear: (Thread)(Soundcloud)



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