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  1. Sorry for the delay. I won't fight you, since I can't fight myself in fabulous fight club style, which means I can't also create any decent moshpit by myself nor a crowd and surf on it. You're welcome, and if it means we're pathological, then I'm totally okay with that.
    Are you sure that picture is in your album?
    Thanks for those kind words about my english, I'm trying. Feel free to correct me if I'll mess up something. In fact I have really rare contact with british english. I often listen to NPR podcasts, especially this american life. And sometimes I read in original, sometimes I have no choice, like when only 2 Hunter S.Thompson books were translated to polish by now (I'm into his works recently).
    Now. I really want to know what do you think about this board. Because you're here from some great time and, well, you're still here. Why? I'm not sure what I'm trying to ask you really about, as you see, I guess I hope on your creativity. Your turn now.
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    Now i feel honoured . Thanks man, i really appreciate the fact that you (and also other fans of ours) like our tracks. That's the biggest reward i can think of. Anyway, we're still not sure how many songs exactly we'll record. We hope 4, but maybe we'll record one or two more, but i can't tell for sure, as we have no idea yet. But even though these will be just demo songs, you could burn them to a CD along with our 3 old tracks and it would be almost like a mini album. Almost . I'm very excited about it too, as some of our new songs are really interesting, especially the long, epic one (which wasn't really meant to sound that epic, but it's turning out this way; it's gonna be a really punchy song, fast and melodic, more complex than our other songs).

    Come on, we're not THAT good in English; in fact i think i'll edit some of our old lyrics here and there. You know, grammar police
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    I wanted to write something on Jo's profile on her birthday, but i don't think i could do better than Marika did. I don't really know what to say.

    Keep holding on, my friend.
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    The "secret news" got out:

    "As you know, we have been practicing (relatively) hard in the past year, and somehow managed to finish 3 and a half new songs. So, we decided to record these new songs sometime during summer.

    Yes, this summer.

    Rodrigo (our new guitarist) says that the songs are going to blow your heads off due to "epic overload", as he put it. I'm not so sure about that, but nevertheless, i too like the songs alot.


    The drummer updated our facebook profile. So there you have it, you'll hear some new stuff soon. And at least one song is turning out to be pretty damn epic. Might even have 2 solos, Maiden style
  5. Doesn't it sound like one big rustle? Thanks, anyway. I guess the main reason to become plastic surgeon is cash, you know all those liposuction, face-lifts and so forth. And yeah, all those ugly operated rich people are mystery to me. I'd love to piece together victims of accidents, something like that, even if that's not a goldmine. I & offspring: about 5 years together, 3 shows by now, including one that was the best show I've ever seen, in Czech Rep. in '08. No meet'n'greet yet. I don't have any favourite song nor album, and though I'm rather a fan of the old ones, I like that I can find slightly different music within the one band. Soooo what about you? That song for mixt is pretty catchy I still remember it well.
  6. Yep, I'm Polish, not all of us have pretty slavic names, but majority yeah, and mine is great example. But look what I've found. I sometimes use Aga, it goes like Lady Gaga without G, but Red will be just fine. If you dropped out, then what was before? And about age difference, I think it is least noticeable when people are in their 20's, so don't worry. I'd say that I'm interested in surgery, maybe plastic. But it's not my goal yet, I'll see what interest me the most later. I thought about plastic surgery because I have a little thing for painting, art, so on, but that's really vague now. We'll see.
    That song is fucking awesome, seriously, and I'm glad to hear it, especially as one of the very few.
    Ps. You deserve better than that 4 under the stage :P
  7. To be exact, those tomatoes are on sandwich, not in coffee. It's like some kind of italian meal that includes whatever(almost) is in a fridge but yes, strange sweet taste that extracts from tomatoes during frying is the key. I don't know. I guess it's just a matter of huge dose of carbohydrates. Like in Red Bull, all in all.
    Nice to meet you! I'm Agnieszka, don't worry if you have no idea how to utter it. And I'm rather something right now. Though I'm about to go to medicine school, next year. Now I'm having second gap year. It's one of those complicated stories. '-.- What about you?
    Excuse me, am I just listening song from that unreleased and awesomley delayed mixtape??
    And about the name and logo, nice sense it make, really, clever.
  8. Yes, since I saw that logo, btw, come on, it asks for more realistic edition! Now, a little disclaimer. I'm measly when I have to write about music. So I'll simply write I liked it. Need more time to know all myspace songs better, for now, my fav is FiftyFirst in Line, beginning makes an impression, really.And lyrics.And you've got a good voice. What does the band name mean?
    That day, I felt better quickly, no zombie day this time. But Red Bull didn't do that. I hate chemical taste of all energizers, I drink it only after running or something like that. So then, I've had fried tomatoes and milky coffee for breakfast. Always works.
  9. Hey, random hello right in time, I'm just trying to get a grip after very bad sleep, like never before. So... what's up? I was about to check out your band anyway.
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    Sounds like you've got quite a reputation for yourselves, that's awesome! We're still pretty much an unknown band here, but hopefully that would change. We need more gigs for that though. I'm really happy to hear you've got yourselves such an enthusiastic drummer. Themost important thing is that you all have fun, it'll show when you're playing gigs. I believe you can make it big one day
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October 28, 1985 (32)
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Everybody to the limit.Truck driver. Musician. Punk Rock enthusiast. Activist. Peerless lover. Fearless fighter. Haver of Y Chromosomes. ------Randy was born into humble beginnings on the planet of Mars. His father and ancestors before him worked in the mines of the nearby moon, Phobos. Randman knew this was not the destiny that stood before him. When he turned 9 years old, the Martian equivalent to 18 Earth years, he decided to leave his home planet and venture to a planet where he could express his artistic imagination: Earth.Upon arrival, however, his talent was met with little attention. After several attempts and eventual failure, he was on his last stretch of hope. If he didn't make a name for himself, it was off back to Mars and the mines. After an epic show at a local club, a small, unknown band took notice of his talent and asked him to sing for their band. They were The SRIs, featuring drummer Josh Freese, Guitarist Jesus Christ and Bassist Chuck Norris. After 3 short practices, they began recording their debut album.The album, This Album Is So Awesome, You Have No Fucking Idea was released to unsatisfactory results, only selling 4 million units in the United States. After such a failure, they buckled down for their next album.This album was Out Next Album. It was so incredible, it launched the band to superstardom. It's success could only be matched by the next five albums, Hey, Are You Still Listening, What's That Smell?, Earth Just Shit It's Pants, Try Not to Jizz Yourself, and Rise and Rise, Kiss Our Ass. With quintuple diamond certifications for all seven of their albums, The SRIs can be hailed as the greatest band ever to have been conceived.--Adapted from a biography by Brian Donald Ponce, noted historian
Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Sports, Awesomeness, American Civil War, Stand-up Comedy, Punk rock, Video Games, Nature, Philosophy


My myoosik:

The SRIs: (Thread)(Soundcloud)
McFear: (Thread)(Soundcloud)



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