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  1. It's a pleasure ... How have you been, we haven't really the opportunity to get know eachother?
  2. It's Christmas ... Time to reflect on all the naughty things you have done this year ... and make plans to do them all again next year

    Merry Christmas

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    Yup I'm doing post-grad Economic Policy. I did International Relations Theory and International Political Economy before. Sorry If I was harsh on liberal intervention, I just think the theory behind it (just like just war theory) is so weak, I wrote some papers on it (except they are all in Dutch).

    Anyway onto economic crisis material. It's hard to come by good material in the usual journals since 99.9% of economist missed the housing bubble (and ridiculed economists who warned about it) and hence journals didn't pick up the material and with the delays in the review process they'll have some good articles in mid 2009 I think ;). I also generally do not tend to save material I read because I'm lazy (which I should, I always hate that when I write papers that I remember reading something but forgot where). But anyway:

    Paul Krugman has just released a book about it 'The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008 '. He was actually one of the few mainstream economists who had the balls to warn about the housing bubble. This is a revised book of his 1999 edition, which was very accessible in my opinion. I'm planning on reading the new edition during the holidays because this book is sort of a 2 for the price of one. It gives insight on how we got into this mess and how we can get out. You should however not pay too much attention to what he says about the Clinton years, cause he's a bit biased towards that. The Clinton administration shares quite a lot of blame for the current mess we are in.
    Another book is the trillion dollar meltdown which isn't that good compared to Krugman material, however it does give some insight into different financial instruments that were used in an accessible manner.

    Online material there is quite a lot in English by people like Krugman, Nouriel Roubini, Dean Baker and Robert Shiller (whose book Irrational Exuberance 2nd edition also covers the housing bubble) who have been on to this for years. As well as the blog Calculated Risk. Take this short piece (5 page pdf) by Dean Baker written in 2005, it's quite prophetic. Baker has been on to this since like 2002. Bit longer is this.

    More specific issues: people have been blaming this on the community reinvestment act etc, this and the links in there debunk that claim. For understanding which incentives or reasons parts of society could have against getting out of a recession there is this short opinion piece by the late Galbraith in 1993. The arguments remain true till this day. On what to do to get out of a recession : there is this recent piece in the NY review of books by Paul Krugman. A focus upon a more global impact, this piece by Nouriel Roubini.

    Ow yeah and if your university has a subscription to the "World Today" there is this article that makes a link between r2p and the crisis ;). And finally here is some focus upon Canada which I read yesterday.
  4. Yeah, I see what you mean. I will be at that status soon also... well I wish you lots of patience!
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    It's actually quite boring.

    A while ago people thought I was Japanese or something, so I just took a random East-Asian person as an avatar.
    Since I'm an economics geek , I picked Ha-Joon Chang who is a brilliant South-Korean economist, because people can't tell the difference between a Japanese or South-Korean anyway.
  6. Not much.. gotta start concentrating more on school and less on having fun(I wonder when that will be).. but that is about it And what about you?
  7. Funny thing. Since some months ago, everytime I watch South Park, I do not refer to this guy as "Butters", but "jacknife737"
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    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I had to edit another person's giant paper and I want to shoot them! They are a senior in college and they write like a 5th grader! I've never seen anything like it! Here is a taste: "I recently went to the local library and looking around in their WWII section."
    1. Sentence fragment. 2. Spell out World War II. 3. PAST TENSE! No looking! You looked! 4. FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, NOT FIRST PERSON!!!!

    </end rant>
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    So you were talking about your amazing procrastination skills? Listen to me one up you...The paper due date was moved to today (Monday). I just worked on my 20 page paper all Sunday afternoon and got it done right now, 4am Monday morning my time. It's due in 7 hours. Sure the conclusion is lacking, but screw it it's a first draft. Hail to me.
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    So I must say that my paper is going alright. I've stumbled upon something I didn't expect: The small town rooted in sticking its nose up to the law is actually the law abiding town this time around! That or no one ever reported a theft! So it's going alright. I have a first 20 page draft due Friday and I have (gasp) 2 pages written. Me and my procrastination! School is really heating up and I'm trying to keep afloat. How have you been kind sir?

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