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    I completely agree with you. I mean, why would you care what music others listen? It doesn't affect what you are listening to, does it?

    Anyway welcome to the group!
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    Hi man

    I invited you to a group i created, if you wnt to join (i think it won't be a problem to figure out what the group's about...)

    Anyway, that shit that has been happening to emos is outrageous... Why don't they leave them alone and just let them listen to whatever music they like? This is turning into another prejudice matter, just like homophobia and so on. I mean, i personally don't like emo, but i don't go and beat up the first emo kid i see...
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    I'm in my fourth and final year! Yay! And Oh noez! At the same time. That means I need to get an actual job. CRAP! Anyway, I have an idea for my paper: Hitler lost the war because he invaded Russia instead of England and didn't build up his naval strength. If Hitler would have followed Admiral Raeder and commissioned 2-3 aircraft carriers, commerce raiding battleships, and hundreds of U-boats the Nazis would have been able to cut England off from America, successfully ending the war. But, Hitler was to impatient. Anyway, that's where I'm going with it. If you can't tell I'm slightly annoyed by Jakebert and his reasons for why 300 sucked.
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    Yeah, I'm minoring in Geography, which sucks at the school that I'm at in a way. Many of the Geography classes cross reference with Enviromental Studies classes and here in Montana those people are a little crazy. My methodology class is on WWII and has a 25 page argumentative paper I have to write. I'm going to do it over how Hitler could have won the war. I won't be going to any concerts this summer because gas is so high and hardly anyone comes to Montana. Sad really. Are you in your final year?
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    That is very odd. What kind of signifigance did the revolver have, if any?

    I went to my girlfriend's home town (which is 50 miles from Canada) and hung out with her family at the lake. We jet skied and tubed and pretty much had a blast. We got caught in the worst storm I've ever been in; torrental rains and 70 mph winds caused 4 foot waves on the lake. If anyone had been on the lake they were toast. I've also been boning up on my WWII history because I have a methodology class this fall where I must write an argumentative 25 page essay on some topic related to the war. So it's been going pretty good. How excited are you for the concert?
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    Dude, long time no talk! Whatchya been up to?
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    Nothing much really. I'm enjoying a summer without classes and recently participated in a charity golf tournament in order to raise money for kids in a certian county getting scholarships to my college. It was pretty fun. I've been listening to some good tunes thanks to SuperDope and neih. Other than that, just working...loads of fun.
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    So I couldn't help it...I posted a few things in the Prussian thread. It's ridiculous in there. I also checked out that Turkey thread you sent me. That was funny to me just because their arguments were comical. These guys in the Prussian

    So how ya been?
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    No I wasn't here with the Turkey thing...what was that?

    Yeah, that thread is out of control. I'm mainly staying out of it and just interjecting things here and there, but it's amazing to me what some people believe (or purport to believe).
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    I totally agree with you about Fix You! With the track Rise and Fall...just read the lyrics and think of Green's interesting...
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