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  1. Remember Noah Dail (12 y.o.) from the Rock Prodigy Contest???

    Noah will be 14 July 8th & is in a band now Bachs Of Rock (!

    They are entered in the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands to...
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    The Offspring Rock Prodigy App

    This is an older video of my son,Noah, playing both guitar parts for "The Kids aren't alright". He learned this song 100% using The Offspring guitar app! If anyone wants to learn the songs the way...
  3. 13 year old playing both guitar parts for "Days Go By"

    This is a video of my son doing both Noodles & Dexters parts on guitar for "Days Go By". He learned the song using The Offspring Rock Prodigy App...the app is awesome, he loves it!!! :)
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