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    Thank you!

    Thanks for answering all my questions. I missed the contest though! Sometimes these things just fly past me with the kids and all! Oh well, it's a miracle that I can even get away for the show!
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    What time will the Offspring go on stage?

    Does anyone know how many opening acts there are and when Offspring will go on?

    What acoustic show? When? Where?

  3. Thanks!

    Thank you for the information. I have been reassured. Oh, I am not sure about being in the pit. It has been a while for me, I'm 36, and not sure how it is. Will I be squished or kicked in the...
  4. Toronto presale - still no link and no other info

    I am waiting for the link to be emailed to me, and still nothing, this is the day before the presale for Toronto tickets and I am getting worried. Checked Ticketmaster, nothing, and I am beginning...
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