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  1. Richard Dawkins vs William Lane Craig

    Christian Apologist vs Atheist

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    Jared Taylor vs Tim Wise debate

    Tim Wise is a progressive racial guy. He's white, part jewish.

    Jared Taylor is someone who supports something along the lines of racial separatism. He insists upon calling his views a matter of...
  3. If you pooped your pants on a first date...

    What would you do? Just own up to it? Me personally, I would lie about being a volunteer fire fighter and say I got called for a four alarm fire. Then I would just go buy new pants. The story might...
  4. Whoa I think I might've just seen Johnnynemesis

    At the Newark-penn train station. If that was him then...he was in a rush and balding. Weird.
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    Will Islamophobia continue to increase?

    How common do you see Islamophobia becoming in the future?

    I have noticed that attacks on Muslims have become increasingly common in more mainstream sources. For example, as outrageous as he his,...
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    Inexplicably Exhausting Activites

    Emptying and changing the coffee in the coffee machine.
    Edit: Oh, here's another one: Having to say "thank you" every time your office co-workers place something on your desk.
  7. Do social justice advocates have an overly bleak view of their own life prospects?

    Well, here's another hastily written post about complicated subject matter (I'm at work)...

    Recently, a black guy sought asylum in Canada over police brutality:...
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    I know what you mean. Sometimes the headline is...

    I know what you mean. Sometimes the headline is funny enough, and the short article that's posted along with it is just forced and almost unnecessary. Also, your suggestion would unfortunately cost a...
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    The internet/social media and comedy

    Sort of just trying to spit this out before I forget as I'm going to bed soon...

    I feel like the Internet and social media have made certain comedic styles that once seemed fresh and original seem...
  10. Yeah. I like to stay in touch with folks,...


    I like to stay in touch with folks, I'll add pretty much anyone who wants to add me. Anyone can just message me for my FB, or I'll message you or something. I have a weird sort of minor...
  11. "Capital" by Thomas Piketty - A book I'm sort of not smart enough to read

    I'm struggling through this book but I'm putting a good bit of work into understanding it, so it's been a satisfying experience thus far. I like the idea of having a real economic basis behind my...
  12. Much The Same (Nitro Records) has reuinted!

    Much The Same is back together, but with a different drummer. They're writing new material as well as recording. In my opinion, their 2006 album "Survive" is one of the best punk rock albums of that...
  13. That was a set up. I was playing along, despite...

    That was a set up. I was playing along, despite it being at my own expense. I set you up bro.
  14. I'm gunna whip your ass

    I'm gunna whip your ass
  15. Right! And that would make all his bro friends...

    Right! And that would make all his bro friends reading it insecure about being gay and stuff!

    Hey wait...

    Nevermind, fuck you!
  16. A hyper-masculine lookguy leaves his Facebook logged in...

    And you've decided to post an embarrassing status from his account. What would you post?

    I personally would look to post things that tow the line of being completely ridiculous, but are still...
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    Dexter numbers, I can't even imagine admitting...

    Dexter numbers, I can't even imagine admitting that I listen to newer Offspring records in public, let alone dance to them.
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    I didn't mean to act like I had specific info. It...

    I didn't mean to act like I had specific info. It just sort of seems like an inevitable thing in the near future. :(

    I actually would still be pathetic enough to still post here a little bit more...
  19. I wonder what sin studley thought of the newest mad max...

    Just curious. I simply must know before this place closes for good.I just saw the last half of it and it seemed pretty decent.
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    We're overstaying our welcome

    And the Offspring BBS is cleaning up hoping we get the point...
  21. I found Chipotle Mayo and a knife in a bar restroom yesterday

    it was on the sink. My imagination has been unable to produce an explanation or situation where this could be seen as understandable.

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    Did you get enough sleep last night? You seem...

    Did you get enough sleep last night? You seem like you have a long day of explaining away the obvious ahead of you.
  23. When muthafuckas escape from jail I root for em

    Enough said. Same with police chases. It doesn't matter what they did, a big part of me just wants em to get away. Not sure why, as I'm very into social justice. But yeah.
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    Culture and Personal Space

    I've recently become curious enough, based on my own observations and some popular stereotypes, to see if I could find any information on differences in social norms relating to "personal space"...
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    But see, why don't you care at all that you have...

    But see, why don't you care at all that you have this trait that is so widely considered bad? Is it because you think it's all a sham that arrogance is considered bad? Do you think that arrogance can...
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