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Thread: In aid of HornyPope - Alien trading

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    Default In aid of HornyPope - Alien trading

    In the future will the world become one big economic entity trading with alien worlds? What's that fools name? Ricardo and his comparative advantage shit. It could work on a world by world scale. We could trade with Alien worlds.

    Imagine a united world foreign policy on alien planets. Imagine tax harmonisation on a world scale. Imagine the future!

    That was original right? I've actually always wondered it. But have come to the conclusion that once we are advanced enough for interstellar travel that we'd have nanobots that could manipulate matter on a subatomic level and therefore make things out of it's compenent parts so the economy would fail anyway cause nothing is scarce anymore and the world would be in anarchy. That is if humans are still dominant and haven't been taken over by AI.
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    Hell, it's so bad no-one repeat to this thread yet. Well, think u're over-reacting though. Prolly there's life somewhere in this galaxy, but it won't be that complicated, not mush chance that they're on the same niveau, or even higher than we. And well, it will be difficult to get there, we've allready troubles with travelling to other planets like Mars, so going to other stars, real far away. Don't get really your anarchy thing, u mean, we can make whatever we want, make atomic, and so we don't need a lot anymore? Why should that be if we can travel, and not otherwise? Oh well yeah, we're advandaged enough than. But exally, it hasn't mush to do with each other. Think it should be cool, that we can just create or own atomes and things, life would be easy, and if their's anarchy then, it's because there's no structure need anymore.

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    Original? Sure.

    But gay.

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