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Thread: This Is A Thread Directly For Offspring!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by killer_queen
    But fans don't like it.
    poor fans

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    I like splinter, but it's too short... personally I think splinter has some of my favorite songs of all the time, but it also has songs that I don't like to hear very much... but it's a short album indeed, I hope the next one will be longer!

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    SPLINTER DUMBASS, the singles were very different, but same overall quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by killer_queen
    Isn't it? But fans don't like it. But it has a lot of different stuffs, I believe thet worked really hard for that album.
    yeah, I think it's weird most fans don't like it.

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    hey guys! my opinion is this....I think that since ixnay album they had very decreased ...they had really become in a pop/rock band...and not a punk band...
    i love the smash album, the ixnay, the ignition, the old band called offspring...
    It is truth that, in this finish album call splinter i realise that
    already it hears some change of style...more punk..but also what it disliked me it was to face with some songs as "hit
    that" or "spare me you details"!
    Also it is truth that who likes offspring likes all albums that they
    had created....but we have of being realistic to the point to see that offspring
    decresceded very in terms of style , of spirit, and of a sufficiently important thing, that it is to leave punk to last
    per sufficient years...
    I personally did not want to hear one again conspiration of one or one
    But who I am I stop decide the future of offspring..itīs just a opinion of one fan.. I wait that they do not fall in the same error to fall in
    pop style...and became again a band of punk/rock!!!
    A hug to all the staff of the forum.
    P.s...sorry my English...I am

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