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    I just want to say that women have the right to vote. Women also have many other rights. We need to make sure we keep these rights in mind. Women's rights are very important. I say any women should be allowed to ban members or overthrow mods. We should also have a woman admin.

    Don't forget to vote for a woman in this next election!

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    i totally agree!!

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    Me too. Women are beautiful creatures.

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    The word even tickles me!

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    agreed. women are too much of buetiful creatures to not give rights too. they give life without women men would be nothing!

    absoloutly nothing!!!

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    Yes, I know that if you're pathetic enough to spend your time spamming, you're probably too useless to come up with anything amusing to say, so telling you that this isn't funny is a waste of time as you'll never be funny, or interesting - that's why you have to rely on being annoying, it's the only way you'll ever get noticed, and even if it's by anonymous strangers, it's gotta be better than crying alone in your room. However, in the future, it'd be appreciated if you wasted my precious time by posting quotes from people who are actually funny/interesting or pictures of Scarlett Johansson instead of painfully gay attempts at humor.

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