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Thread: Foro En Castellano

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    Quote Originally Posted by lost_nvrfound View Post
    hahaha! don't make fun. Se un poco de espanol. geeze. Some of his post was hella hard to figure out. Then I realized he/she was asking about concert footage and that offspringbootleg wouldn't work.

    hehe... i put it in google translator to see if it would make any more sense. it really made me laugh at what it came up with.

    theoffspring13, importa que demostracion?

    EDIT: aqui estan las conexiones para The Offspring viva en el festival de Rock am Ring. son ficheros grandes, pero bueno

    selecto "free user"
    cuando los numeros son cero, selecto "Download"

    lo siento si no trabajan.
    este ya lo tengo lo que quiero saver es si hay algun sitio que no sea los ya mensionados donde pueda sacar los toques, igual gracias, ese toque justo me lo baje de l pagina

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    unfortunately, i don't speak spanish...however...

    Quote Originally Posted by Little_Miss_1565 View Post
    This thread is being closed due to its size. We've been informed by the administrators that this thread and others with a lot of replies are slowing down the server.

    You're welcome to start another thread to keep discussing this topic, but depending on what I hear from the administrators, we might have to break apart or delete this one.

    So everyone knows, we're going to start capping threads at 2,000 replies. After that, you'll need to create another thread to continue the discussion.

    i guess it's all about the dream

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