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Thread: Do you have dial-up? If you do, please HELP ME!

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    Default Do you have dial-up? If you do, please HELP ME!

    i want to make a website on but because I have broadband, they have this thing that doesn't let you sign up through broadband, but if you're still using dial-up modems, it lets you through.

    if you can help me, please go here and scroll down to the 2nd box saying "I want to use a free sub-domain name - Enter a word, phrase or domain name into the box below (no spaces please). We will check to see if that name is available." and type in www.ironmaiden (it will add the subdomain itself". Register it to any details you like, but i'll change the email and password.


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    I couldn't really understand your problem, but I have tried typing in the most random URLS for about 5 minutes now.

    Try a different free web host.
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    i've used it before and its a really awesome host

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