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It's 'cause you're fucking wrong people. You're like, 20. Or 23. Or 24. Or something. You don't have yourself figured out yet. You don't have life figured out yet. It's all fluid. Everything's changing.
i know it wasn't your original point, but it just reminded me of something that, well, grinds my gears, you could say.

i'm totally having quarter life crisis or some shit. i feel like i should be doing more with my life. i should see my family more often, travel more, make more money, get a better education, etc. and like i'm very happy and grateful for what i have, but i feel like i could do more/better. i dunno what to do about it... i'm planning to go back to school (tymen4MBA) and move so i can see my family more often... so maybe that will help. or maybe i'm just a tard. erhehrher *kicks self*

another thing that drives me nuts is losing shit. which happens often. i lost an earring i really loved while snowboarding, and god knows finding a pearl earring in a snowbank is a rather futile quest. :/ i am a jackass for wearing nice jewelry snowboarding, but fuck. it was a gift too. ugh.