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I never got all the love for STS. The arrangements are all way more in-depth and less juvenile punk-y, and the last couple of songs totally destroy, but a lot of the songwriting on it just went way into that "we sound like all the other emo bands that are starting to get popular in 2002/2003" vibe. I don't mind that it's less heavy, just that it kind of lost a bit of the AFI "feel".
I was totally one of those who fell in love with STS, but looking back, I like Black Sails and Art of Drowning almost as much.

I'm not all into the new song. I actually don't like the fact that it sounds like NIN. I thought "Sacrilege" was the best song on Crash Love; it actually reminded me of AOD-era AFI. It's very, very rare that a band can actually remind me of a time that they were... well... better. I hope there's at least one song like that on their upcoming album.

On the other hand, if a band can genuinely pull off a brand new sound and excel at it, then I'm always all for that. That's kind of what "Sing the Sorrow" did for me. Thus far, I'm not feelin' it with this new song.