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Thread: Eidos's Just Cause X UN's Food Force

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    Eidos's Just Cause or UN's Food Force?

    Just Cause is a GTA like and the storyline is some new idea about the US trying to free a third world nation by changing it's directorship government, based on the possibility that the nation is building weapons of mass destruction. The plan is to insert an agent in the thin line of tension between the local guerrilas and work with the fear. You even get to meet a Che Guevara like leader and, who knows, maybe be friends or kill him - whatever is best to give that nation the freedom from theyr own leader, wich will be replaced by a US government chosen leader. You can be that hero.

    And Food Force is a United Nations's game where, in a nation devastated by war, you command a task force to locate the hungry, create viable balanced diets for the population of massacrated areas, drop food from the air, command convoys of food, etc. The point is to alliviate the hunger.
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