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Thread: This is for everyone American that thinks they owe the world an apology

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    Default This is for everyone American that thinks they owe the world an apology

    Sometimes I feel like I shouldnít apologize so much
    that itís jive itís a crutch
    I just used when Iím judged
    beiní fudged by a face I canít erase and canít see
    cuz I misplaced a dossier or Monty Python CD
    or somethiní stupid like that
    but jesus is that so bad
    to make my ego go splat
    like a tire goiní flat
    or fat on a big mac
    Iím beiní attacked
    tit for tat
    you fuckiní bureaucrats
    you can just apologize back

    But I donít know when it comes and it goes
    all the highs and the lows
    in this motionless psychosis
    ieeieei and I die fadiní straight away
    ieeieei and I cry every waking day
    I donít know what else to say

    Iím sorry for the mess
    the stupid way Iím dressed
    I guess I failed my test
    oh donít you know Iím sorry for my views
    I musta been confused
    and yet you know that really Iím sorry for you

    Well now I donít mean to offend, much
    just comprehend
    when youíre female and youíre fenced in and
    phen-phened to no end
    and no zen guide to men will help you fend off the brethren
    and then the pen appears
    and better than the oxygen network
    or the sword or the spear or the fork
    or the bored pork-fed horde
    itís a mooring post
    the whore youíll miss the most when youíre away
    when youíre in Snowshoe PA
    doiní some play from Backstage
    that deals with AIDS and race and gays and
    relationships and ballet
    and then youíre like ďhey yay whatíd you say?
    I can just sing my troubles away?Ē
    but then youíre fucked
    Ďcause you gotta make a buck
    and the whole world sucks
    and youíre like a lame duck
    thatís lyiní dyiní tryiní to sell out
    but thereís no one buyiní and thereís all this doubt
    and you can preen and dream and scream and shot
    but your lifeís affliction is the fiction of Faust

    Iím sorry for the time
    the stupid way I rhyme
    I knew I shoulda chose a life of crime
    Iím sorry for my blues
    I know itís all old news
    and yet you know that really Iím sorry for you

    Iím sorry Iím sorry Iím sorry Iím sorry
    I also mirror this apology
    this idealogy of sorry
    in part of the liberal theology thatís leading us to hari-kari
    itís like a mythology, almost
    like a malingering ghost
    as we slowly decompose
    writing in the grave of the polls
    cryiní for Senator Wellstone and then proceeding to moan
    at our own supposed sabotage of the elections at home
    ďoh somebody phone home!
    the American people have spoken!Ē
    now is that certain?
    maybe those nice Midwestern folks were just jokiní
    in any case thereís no use in dopiní chokiní mopiní and sobbiní
    come on you dishearteniní dobbins
    sayiní sorry is my problem
    so to conclude
    Iím a little of a prude
    so itís difficult for me to have to allude
    to all this rude crude verbal baggage
    but I manage cuz Iím a savage inside
    I may listen to Enyaís greatest hits
    and try to control my hissy fits with pride
    wonít get my hair dyed
    but oh the onus of lyiní all the time
    I donít wanna say, ďdiiiie motherfucker!Ē
    but I wouldnít mind if you did
    sometimes even the nice girlís ego has to override the id
    and so before I flip my lid my crib
    and get myself out of this bind
    you can hear whatís on my lips but you donít know
    whatís in my mind

    Iím sorry for you Iím sorry for you
    Iím sorry

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    Whoa dude, what the hell?

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    Psh. It's spelled "sari", dumbass.
    ďIt is a strange paradox that todayís central banks are generally staffed by economists, who by and large profess a belief in a theory which says that their jobs are, at the best, unnecessary, and more likely wealth-destroying. Needless to say, this is not a point widely discussed among respectable economists. Nevertheless, it is an issue worth pondering.Ē

    George Cooper, The Origin of Economic Crises

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    OMG, throwing around lyrics by my imaginary girlfriend!
    I am part of a degenerate elite
    Dragging our society into the street

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    rhyming dictionaries kick ass.

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    well the words amazingly pointless post come to mind. . . . .

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    Default question.


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    I THANK you guys for voting in Bush again.
    Vera Says:
    Masturbation > women

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    It is indeed terribly written.
    omg sigged fuck you

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    And i want to thank Bush for... well nothing, cant think of anything good he's ever done... i mean jeez, not even i could reach up to over 100.000 innocent slaughtered on purpose IN THE SAME COUNTRY!!!
    And yet im still both Satanist and Anarchist, oh so evil huh?
    And for the sadisfaction of righteousness, there is, yes all honestly, a plan to kill Mr Bush in early july during the G8 meeting where thousands of activists are to gather in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the meeting takes place. In order to block the streets and create "red zones" of Anarchy.
    some militant groups are actually working on it, it's going to be pretty cool.

    Everybody unite against the Neo-Nazi-Bush in Edinburgh in july.
    Smash Capitalism.

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