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Thread: Splinter Tour Photos

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    Default Splinter Tour Photos

    Did anyone else bring a camera to the shows for the Splinter Tour? Do you have a link to your photos? Post it here.
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    Past Shows
    1997.10.11 - St Paul, MN [Roy Wilkins Auditorium]
    1998.12.01 - Minneapolis, MN [First Ave.]
    1999.05.30 - Somerset, WI [Float Rite Park]
    2000.11.29 - St. Paul, MN [Roy Wilkins Auditorium]
    2004.05.11 - Minneapolis, MN [First Ave.]
    2005.07.24 - Minneapolis, MN [HHH Metrodome]
    2009.06.19 - St. Paul, MN [Roy Wilkins Auditorium]
    2010.07.05 - St. Paul, MN [Harriet Island]

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    Default 10/22

    I took pictures at the claro hall show in Rio de Janeiro, yesterday. i don't have a link with these pics, but you can add me on your msn, and i send you the pictures , i'm

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