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    Default Your Offspring-collection

    I was inspired by the The offspring on vinyl-thread to do this thread. Post your collection of offspringrecords and items.
    I have been a real bad recordcollector over the years. Thats mostly because its cheaper to download music. Anyway, this is my collection, i believe this is the order i bought them in aswell:

    Americana CD - Broken case, scratched disc.
    Ixnay on the hombre CD - The cd is gone, the case is intact.
    Gotta get away CD single - Broken case, scratched disc.
    Smash CD - Intact case, the disc is a little scratched.
    Conspiracy of one CD - Intact case, the disc is pretty scratched.
    Splinter CD - Broken case, the disc is in OK condition.
    Huck it DVD - Excellent condition

    Co1 tour-tshirt
    splinter tour-tshirt
    2 official posters
    1 gigposter

    i also had a smash-postcard
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    The Offspring CD - perfect condition
    Ignition CD - not original case, because original got broken. CD is in great condition.
    Smash CD - booklet is bent, but otherwise in great condition.
    Ixnay CD - case is warped and the booklet is really worn, otherwise great condition.
    Americana CD - booklet is really worn, but otherwise great condition.
    Conspiracy CD - all is in great condition
    Splinter CD - case came already cracked all the way across the front. otherwise excellent condition.
    Huck It VHS - got it used, so it's kind of worn.
    CMVC - got it used, but pretty much in perfect condition

    I also have 3 Offspring shirts, a visor and a poster, but I don't know if you wanted those listed, too.
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    This is a great idea for a thread. I don't really have much Offspring stuff. I only have Smash and Splinter on CD. And I have Splinter on vinyl as well. The only other thing I have is a badge with The Offspring logo on it. I have other interesting collectibles but this is just for Offspring stuff so yeah....

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    Quote Originally Posted by LT SMASH View Post
    This is a great idea for a thread.
    This is an OLD idea for a thread...

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    I'm not sure if this thread has been made sometime before........but anyways.
    My collection:

    Self Titled: Good condition
    Ignition: GC
    Smash: GC
    Ixnay: GC
    Americana: Case and cd both scrached
    CO1: GC
    Splinter: GC
    Splinter with DVD: GC
    Greatest Hits: GC
    Americana DVD: GC
    Huck it DVD: GC

    Also have Co1 wallflag and a Co1 "sleevebadge" or something like that.
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    So, here they are mostly in the order that I bought them (but not in the order I first listened to them)

    Americana album, original case, all great condition
    Smash album, original case, all great condition
    Ignition Album, original case, all great condition
    Self Titled album, original case, all great condition (with kill the president)
    Ixnay on the hombre album, original case, all great condition
    Offspring dvd complete music video collection, GC
    Offspring huck it dvd, GC
    Conspiracy of one album, original case, great condition
    Splinter album, original case, great condition

    I also have 2 offspring badges/pins, and some postcards...

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