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    I was inspired by the The offspring on vinyl-thread to do this thread. Post your collection of offspringrecords and items.
    I have been a real bad recordcollector over the years. Thats mostly because its cheaper to download music. Anyway, this is my collection, i believe this is the order i bought them in aswell:

    Americana CD - Broken case, scratched disc.
    Ixnay on the hombre CD - The cd is gone, the case is intact.
    Gotta get away CD single - Broken case, scratched disc.
    Smash CD - Intact case, the disc is a little scratched.
    Conspiracy of one CD - Intact case, the disc is pretty scratched.
    Splinter CD - Broken case, the disc is in OK condition.
    Huck it DVD - Excellent condition

    Co1 tour-tshirt
    splinter tour-tshirt
    2 official posters
    1 gigposter

    i also had a smash-postcard
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