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    Default People Pet Peeves

    So I am halfway in between social and antisocial. If somebody talks to me, I am more than happy to interact or hang out, but I don't really go out of my way to initiate contact with most people. Recently I have noticed a few specific types of people who really get on my nerves. (Aside from the usual hypocrites and attention whores*) Also, there are actually quite a few because I am in college with all sorts of crazies. I figured someone might agree or want to share their own though, so here goes.
    *I am aware that I was once an attention whore but that doesn't mean that I have to find it pleasant

    So I get really annoyed by people who need to one-up everything. "Oh, you stayed up all night studying and you think you're tired? I had to stay up for 4 days studying and taking care of my 3 little brothers while my mom was at the hospital with my dying uncle" All while everyone around is thinking "Isn't that the same uncle who died two years ago? And I thought you only had 1 brother"

    The next are people who feel the need to be the center of everything. If they do it every so often, fine, but don't do it constantly. This one actually happened.
    Me: Hey, you guys should come see the Christmas show I am in(said to a group of friends)
    Kev: Oh, here at school?
    Me: No, at the local theater. Mike is in it too.
    L: As in, my best friend Mike?
    Me: I don't know. Is Mike [last name withheld] your best friend?
    L: Yeah
    Me: Then yes, your best friend Mike.
    L: Why are you even talking to him?!
    Nat: Oh, cool. I didn't know you did theater.
    L: Ummm, hello! I am a theater major. Why are you even talking to her about it?
    Like seriously? We are a little local theater and I was asked to spread the word at school by the directors. Calm yourself.

    I also get annoyed by stoners and I don't mean people who smoke pot. I mean people who feel the need to loudly talk about how "Mad high" they were last night every single day. I don't care about your trip or how good the Molly was. This is the library. Maybe you should actually study or go somewhere else. I find this super immature and along those same lines of immaturity, I hate when people can't take things seriously. Yeah, innuendo can be funny but really? You are 20 and 30 something year-olds in a college level biology class. Laughing at the word "testicles" is not necessary and it is really annoying.

    Only two more... these ones are my least favorite and the next one requires some background info.

    So this summer I was in a biotech(I'm a biotech major, currently) class and we did agarose gel electrophoresis 4 times, once in a DNA fingerprinting lab. The last biology lab was based around biotechnology and molecular biology so we did the same DNA lab. I got stuck with a know-it-all partner who didn't know much at all. I don't claim to be an expert, but I had prior experience. And basically, I dislike people who act like my lab partner, whom I will call "H"
    Me: *Starting to pipette DNA into first well*
    H: You're doing it wrong.
    Me: No, I'm not.
    H: Yes you are. I've seen this done before.
    Me: I've done it before.
    H: So you think you're better than me?
    Me: I never said that. You can do the second one.
    H: Why do you get to do the first?
    Me: You got here late and missed the instructions. *Trying to do it again while H blocks the light*
    H: *Grabs my arm stabbing a hole in the gel* Look what you did! Let me do it.
    So I let her do it once we got a new gel...
    The gel didn't run properly and she blamed it on me even though I hadn't done it.

    And the last one. This one only applies to people around my age group. And it is Beatles fanatics. Let me explain. I love the Beatles. My dad listens to them a lot. But the fanatics(at least that I am around) only know like 10 songs by them and they always say stuff like "I was born in the wrong generation" while listening to One Direction. Not only that but I have actually heard some people say "I won't listen to any old artists unless it is on vinyl" It just seems like they have a mindset like "I like the Beatles. I have culture and I am better than you"
    It really annoys me.

    Sorry for the rant. I felt like I am not the only one who feels like this. Are any of you guys annoyed by these types of people? What are your people pet peeves?
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    I agree on the one-upping being really grating.

    As far as other pet peeves are concerned... people who complain about the old same stuff over and over and over again.

    I guess there are others, but my mind has gone blank for some reason.

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    I agree also with one-uppers. Like, shut the fuck up.

    Also, people who lie.
    Seriously, my friends' next door neighbour popped into their house telling them her name was Chloe and she was a shamen and had gotten rid of the spirits who were in my friends' place.
    Turned out it was a girl I used to be friends with who was not called Chloe. And she's a hairdresser, not a shamen. And the reason I don't hang out with her anymore is because she constantly told lies.

    Kind of funny really.

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    That girl sounds like a compulsive liar that needs to see a psychologist or something.

    I can't stand when people stop and stand in doorways or on stairs.

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    I hate when I make plans with people and they on me at the last minute.
    I hate when I text my guy and he doesn't reply to me for 2 or 3 hours when I try to make plans with him
    Like everyone I hate being lied to
    I hate people who drive way too fucking slow

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