It's the return of a classic. The "What are you listening to" thread for the literate. Give a title and quick review. For those slack-jawed neanderthals who read Tucan Sam's puzzle/maze entertainment bonanza every day over a breakfast of multi-colored milk, this doesn't apply to you.

I recently finished up Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day and O'Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces and they were both quite amusing. I thought that Dunces dragged a bit during the middle, but the ending was worth it. A very good set of reads.

I'm not reading (be prepared to be awed by my literary abilities) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Yeah, I know. I'd read the first three books a few years ago, but I'd never read the latest two, so I decided to pick them up. However, as I began to read the Phoenix one (or the Goblet one, whichever's the Fourth), I realized that I'd forgotten much of the previous three. Then looking at the page count, I realized that it'd be about equal to reading the first three as reading the fourth, so I began at the beginning. I finished off the first one in under a day and am on my way to completeing the second at a similar pace. I'm also going to start Michael Chabon's latest book, The Final Solution in a bit, if that'll at least stop the English majors from sneering at me.

So, what's on your bedside table?