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Had no idea Egypt was a Caliphate, although hardly surprising if one thinks about it.

/has written a twelve page paper on the history of Islam in Africa
/starting at seven p.m the night before
/and got an A in the class

Anyway, I recently read how i became stupid, which is apparently all the rage in Europe, but is fucking idiotic. The premise seemed interesting (a man can't deal with being intelligent in this world, so he tries to make himself stupid so he can enjoy himself), but ultimately all it did was make me reject the idea that intelligence equals depression because I loathe the author so much I want to beat him to death with a boot [I also saw "Cube" this weekend, questionable premise, good story, bad ending]. Really, this book fucking sucks. Has anyone in Europe read it? He equates idiocy with capitalism: the protagonist's last step into oblivion is marked by his first step into a McDonald's. I thought Ayn Rand was a moron, then I read this and realized that she was just kinda smart but misguided.

And now I'm reading Anonymous Rex. It's a modern-day noir novel set in L.A. with occaisional jumps to New York, featuring a once-prominent P.I. whose partner died and now is broke with a nasty addiction. Oh, and he's a dinosaur in human disguise, as is 5% of the U.S. No, I'm not kidding. And it's actually pretty darn good. Next on the list is Get Shorty. If you have a reccomendation, through it at me.