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Thread: The Official Sum 41 Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by cool 2 hate 681 View Post

    has anyone seen these pictures? lol

    Deryck looks weak in that picture.
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    Whoa, he looks like Fat Mike trying to go to the circus. Anyway, that's not the most important thing, what I want to know is whether Stevo already revealed somewhere the real/main reason for his departure? It's been like a month or two and I still don't understand why would the founding member and Deryck's biggest music counterpart in the band leave them.
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    Burn it up because you do not call ignition ............ Because ignition is born green and then ripens and becomes burn it up, which is yellow, then darkens and becomes a song that has yet to be published and will appear in a collection of b-sides and brown nell'accezione this song is a song from the session discarded of ignition.

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    Probably because they haven't really put out a good album since Chuck, and that wasn't even that great.
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