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Thread: German band ''DIE ÄRZTE''

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    Default German band ''DIE ÄRZTE''

    Do you know about ''die Ärzte'', that is the best german punkband ever

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    Benutz die Suchfunktion, du bist nicht der Erste, der Ärzte hört und darüber hier postet.
    Daselbe gilt für Rammstein und Tote Hosen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maw2007 View Post
    Do you know about ''die Ärzte'', that is the best german punkband ever
    All I know about them is that a nice-sized chunk of their fans are extremely rude and are total jerks:

    The above link also illustrates why American bands should not be booked between German bands in German-speaking countries, especially if Die Ärtze is the next band to go on.
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