Here's an interesting idea I found on another forum. Basically, you go to Wikipedia, hit "random article", and that's your band name. Hit it again, and you have your album name. Hit it a few more times and you have your tracklist.

Band - 7 South Dearborn

Album - AB Crentsil

Track Listing
1. The Herbfarm
2. Scotland, Ontario
3. Elhamma
4. Controproduzioni
5. Slush Pile
6. Charles Waldron Buckley
7. Bernardo Tanucci
8. 2002 Reasons of the Supreme Court in Canada
9. United Nations Space Command
10. Ray Luther "Dad" Hale
11. Leka, Norway
12. Curicò
13. Weak Axiom Cost of Minimalization
14. Martinsburg
15. Alexandria, British Columbia

It doesn't have to be 15 tracks. Also, I skipped any "list of..." articles.