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Thread: Your Wikipedia band.

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    Our band is called "Bill MacDonald", in a tribute to the late great Scottish wrestler. Our debut album, out next week, will be called "Winona Riders". Here's the tracklist:

    1. Umar Tumgoyev
    2. Putt-Putt Fun Center
    3. Gardie, Aude
    4. Kawajiri Hidetaka
    5. Will Marion Cook
    6. Manuel Villegas Piñateli
    7. National Liberation Front (Algeria)
    8. El Busto
    8. Cerreto di Spoleto
    10. Fish in a Bottle
    11. Ngaju Language
    12. Maura Clark
    Snow Blades (hidden track)

    As you can see, we cover many different subjects, ranging from mini golf to samurais and murdered nuns.

    Am I the only one who really wants to hear El Busto?
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    Band: Judgment Day

    Album: Benghazi

    Disc One: Uncial 0122

    1. South Carolina's 7th Congressional District (Instrumental)
    2. Owen Pierce Thompson
    3. Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi
    4. Abbi
    5. Cortez History District (Instrumental)
    6. Susquehanna Railroad
    7. Norbert Schultze
    8. Wisdom Literature (First single)
    9. Clerodendrum Quadriloculare
    10. Danish Emergency Management Agency
    11. USS Appalachian (AGC-1)
    12. Seekonk (Second single)

    Disc Two: Fosterella cotacajensis

    1. Shaun Irwin
    2. Le bon roi Dagobert
    3. Iowa House of Representatives Elections, 2006
    4. Jonesboro, Louisiana (Fifth single)
    5. Federal Bureau of Prisons
    6. Abiel Abbot
    7. Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Third single)
    8. HMS Porpoise (1799)
    9. Jacobo Fijman
    10. Louis Buvelot
    11. The Albany Herald
    12. Étagère (Fourth single)

    Produced by the famed producer "Okpokwu" at Tiantongyuan South Station.


    Lead Vocals - Alex Hua Tian
    Guitar: Gaimar
    Bass: Novo Goražde
    Percussion: Valérie Boyer
    Live Guitarist: George Woodwark

    Strangely enough, all of the band members got names, or name-sounding words. I was kind of hoping one of them would be named something whacky. The studio the album was made in even got an actual place. Mine turned out decent.

    EDIT: Superdope, El Busto simply has to be your lead single. I patiently await the free download from your official site: www.domanió I even signed up to be a part of your fan club to receive newsletters.
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    Band: Wishart Distribution
    Album: Big B

    Turkey Shoot
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    White Trash
    Barrel Murderer
    Bit Stuffing
    Scott Dooely
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    Band Name: Alogliptin
    Album Title: Quebec Route 212

    Track List:
    1. Ruviano
    2. Potassium Peroxide
    3. Platypelis Grandis
    4. Thad Cochran Center
    Tatyana <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omni View Post
    EDIT: Superdope, El Busto simply has to be your lead single. I patiently await the free download from your official site: www.domanió I even signed up to be a part of your fan club to receive newsletters.
    I'm totally using El Busto as a title for a song now. It sounds too cool to pass up on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelchairman View Post
    3. ? (Lost)

    This thread is just too awesome. I especially Sunny's Failure to Thrive.

    Introducing my new band The Hardcore Diaries!

    We will be releasing our first record Tinwald, New Zealand of 5 to eventually be released on our new label 14th Ohio Infantry. Our 1st single to hit the radio will be Horror of Glam Rock.


    1. Corps of Military Accountants
    2. Horror of Glam Rock
    3. 820s in poetry
    4. Paul Brodie
    5. Kersaint-Plabennec
    6. Judiciary Act of 1793
    7. Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area
    8. Lower Shuckburgh
    9. BMW M73
    10. Man Mountain Marko
    11. Wannock River
    12. Pen register

    Expect to pick it up in stores December 1st!
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    Quote Originally Posted by _Lost_ View Post
    I especially Sunny's Failure to Thrive.
    Use an action verb?

    Also, I miss Sunny.

    PS: We decided to put out another three songs for free, to make our fans happy. These are titled Highway F.C., Macel Leilani Wilson and You Belong to Me (2001 film). You can download them at Don't miss your chance to listen to our songs, produced by the famous producer, Webster Aitken.
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    College Gree Bus Corridor's (best known for ex-member of A.R.A.I.O.I.) 7-track demo 'Dave Wolverton' did so well with their record label, they decided to record a full length album and change the band name to something shorter and more memorable.

    The new band name is:
    Ferro Milone Cesare (which is far more memorable)

    The full length album title will be:
    Digestive system of gastropods

    Obviously there's a special theme to album with a title like that. See the tracklist:
    1 - Khilung Deurali
    2 - Theodore Kavalliotis
    3 - Regia Autonomă de Transport Urban Călători
    4 - Clarence Ellis
    5 - Eiconaxius demani
    6 - Jovenes, Inc.
    7 - Pieter Joon
    8 - 39th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly
    9 - Hypnos
    10 - George Bowler
    11 - Edinburg North High School

    The Japanese album will contain two bonus tracks:
    12 - Rapala varuna (bonus track)
    13 - Take the Train (bonus track)
    * !

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    Big news! Our lead singer, Nikolai Samoylov decided to start a grunge side project, called Bratislava (holy fucking mother of Christ)

    The band members are
    Chandler's Ford railway station (supposedly the best nickname ever) - guitar
    Eudlo railway station, Queensland (another great nickname) - bass
    Voice of the City - drums
    Island Def Jam Music Group - turntables

    Their first album, Kyoko (film) has recently being completed, produced by Fort George Canyon Provincial Park (yes, another great nickname), through Chemical lace records. The first single, Arthur William Moore (a tribute to the famous antiquarian, historian, linguist, folklorist, and former Speaker of the House of Keys) has recently started circulating on the radio, the Gilbert Buote station. The artwork of the album was made by History of socialism. The tracklist is:

    1. Titcomb Mountain (Intro)
    2. Podświerk (sung completely in Polish)
    3. Municipal Council of Roxby Downs
    4. History of Cameroon
    5. Arthur William Moore
    6. Vasectomy
    7. Rand Dyck
    8. Dardanus
    9. Henry H. Neff
    10. Mervyn Lee
    11. Kevin ''Noodles'' Wasserman (another tribute)
    12. Red: The Dark Side
    13. Salic law

    Japanese bonus tracks:
    The Hip Hop Years
    Flag of the Republic of Karelia

    iTunes bonus tracks:
    List of NHL Telus Cup alumni
    Champlain (provincial electoral district)

    Exculsive special edition bonus tracks (released through Pistros records, produced by The Dawn Rider):
    Sa Kaeo Province
    Brehm Preparatory School

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    This is pretty cool

    Band Name: Kalmar Strait

    Album Name: Occupational Rehabilitation

    Track Listing:
    1) Dobri
    2) Carolyn Meyers
    3) George Tebeau
    4) Cookies &
    5) Soria (Spanish Congress Electoral District)
    6) The Nation (Thailand)
    7) Rome Township, Jefferson County, Illinois
    8) Music of Madeira
    9) North Derbyshire Chargers
    10) Pacaya
    11) Scrubs (Season 5) <- I lol'd
    12) Dells Raceway Park
    13) Juggernaut (Video Game)

    Featuring an exclusive remix by Givenchy-en-Gohelle and the Triennial cycles

    When the rain comes I sit home and pray,
    Make it all numb I wish it all away.


    Join UK Fans Offspring Social Group HERE


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