Do you think there are more good people in this world, or more bad people? Or moral and immoral, whatever words you want to describe it. It's up to you what makes people "good" or "bad", but I still wanna hear opinions.

Personally, I think there's WAY more bad or immoral people. Although I can't ignore the fact that most societies and cultures value things like fairness and moral decency so much that you can be thrown in jail if you don't meet a certain standard, I really don't think that that's a indication that people are generally good. I think that throughout history, our leaders only create laws that uphold standards of morality because they want to create order or benefit themselves in some other way. I also think that most people only appear to have moral decency because they do so out of fear, and if somehow they knew they wouldn't be caught, they would do whatever they please regardless of how it affects other folks.