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Thread: Smash and Ignition Reissues

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    ...just dwnloaded the smash remastered album....definitely not worth $10...its hardly different, it was worth a listen, but i really wouldnt advise buying it, the original was fine how it was!
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    There's really no point in remastering Ignition. I am serious. Unless they use magic to separate Dexter's voice from the music. That's the main problem with Ignition - his vocals are too quiet. And there's really no efficient way to change that. All they did with Ignition was applying so called "loudness" so as to increase the overall volume, say, by 3 dB or something. They also added high frequencies, I'm not sure if they added some more bass, 'cause I guess it was perfectly fine the way it was. And there's actually NOTHING more anyone else can do. If I had his vocals in one track and the music in another, I would be able to make it sound perfect. I'm not sure how songs were recorded in the early 90s, but let's face it, we are all equally helpless now when it comes to remastering.
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    For collectors:
    Ignition and Smash will be released on colored vinyl on 10th of march (yesterday). Cool.

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