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Thread: KROQ Weenie Roast Setlist

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    I thought it started off kinda so-so, but then it immediately got real awesome! I think it was right around when they started doing Want you Bad or Gonna go Far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacknife737 View Post
    Dexter and company sounded pretty solid during the setlist, and it seemed like a great show. Although i did notice a lot more "energy" during and after they started playing the newer stuff. Looks like Higgins is gone for good now, which is too bad since i really liked him. Lets hope when they get around to doing their own tour they break out some older material like they did during the 05 Warped Tour.
    Yeah, it most definitely was a great show.

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    is there any way to see the peformance on the internet or download it somewhere?

    EDIT: found it... youtube of course :P
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