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Thread: Do you like David Beckham?

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    Question Do you like David Beckham?

    What do you think about David Beckham? Would you like to buy any merchadise, just because heīs advertising it? I donīt like him, but itīs my personal opinion only. Btw. heīs now at Los Angeles Galaxy.
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    As a footballer he was never that good tbh. His crossing and set plays were 2nd to none in his prime but thats as far as his game goes. He couldn't run, couldn't tackle and was very restrictive in what position he could play in. He was good at what he did all because he just focused on that one part of his game.

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    thats it. he isnt that great a footballer. he scored some very important goals in almost fairytale ways (last minute freekicks to win, etcetera) but entire games would go past and you wouldnt hear his name except when he was taking corners.

    everyone thought sir alex was mad for getting rid of him..stroke of genius.

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    I think people are being unduly tough on him. Of course, he's not the godlike genius that he's commonly made out to be, but he was a very good footballer. Yes, he didn't have a great deal of pace, yes he could only play on the right wing but so what? He was one of the best passers of the ball that England has ever produced. At his prime, he could have walked* into any team in the world and we all know that.

    Beckham the footballer I liked, Beckham the international superstar I don't care for.

    *Obviously he wouldn't have run.

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