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Thread: Favorite Song On Each Album

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    The Offspring- Crossroads

    Ignition- Session

    Smash- Something To Believe In

    Ixnay On The Hombre- Leave It Behind

    Americana- She's Got Issues

    Conspiracy Of One- Vultures

    Splinter- Race Agaisnt Myself

    Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace- Half-Truism

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    It ain't gonna be easy picking just one, but what the hey!

    • The Offspring: Beheaded
    • Ignition: Burn it Up
    • Smash: Bad Habit
    • Ixnay on the Hombre: The Meaning of Life
    • Americana: The Kids Aren't Alright
    • Conspiracy of One: Dammit, I Changed Again
    • Splinter: Long Way Home
    • Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace: You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

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    The Offspring: Jennifer Lost The War
    Ignition: Dirty Magic
    Smash: Genocide
    Ixnay on the Hombre: Leave It Behind
    Americana: TKAA
    CO1: Come Out Swinging
    Splinter: (Can't Get My) Head Around You
    RAFRAG: You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
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    The Offspring - I'll Be Waiting

    Ignition - No Hero

    Smash - Nitro

    Ixnay - The Meaning of Life

    Americana - Have you ever

    Conspiracy Of One - Conspiracy of one

    Splinter - Lightning Rod

    Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace - You're gonna go far kid

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    Self-Titled: Elders

    Ignition: Nothing from something

    Smash: Self Esteem

    Ixnay: Meaning of life

    Americana: Have you ever

    Conspiracy of One: Million Miles Away

    Splinter: The Noose

    RAFRAG: Hammerhead till now
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    I remember doing this before, but whatever.

    The Offspring - Crossroads
    Ignition - Kick Him When He's Down
    Smash - Genocide
    Ixnay on the Hombre - Mota
    Americana - Pay the Man
    Conspiracy of One - Conspiracy of One/Denial, Revisited
    Splinter - The Noose
    Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace - Kristy, are You Doing OK?

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    Self Titled - Crossroads
    Ignition - Dirty Magic
    Smash - Self Esteem
    Ixnay On The Hombre - Gone Away
    Americana - The Kids Aren't Alright
    Conspiracy Of One - Want You Bad
    Splinter - The Noose
    Greatest Hits - Can't Repeat
    Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace - Entirely Album In One Track Only!
    B-Sides - D.U.I.
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    S/T: Beheaded
    Ignition: LAPD
    Smash: Come Out And Play
    Ixnay: Leave It Behind
    Americana: Staring At The Sun
    Conspiracy: Million Miles Away
    Splinter: Lightning Rod
    Greatest Hits: Can't Repeat
    Rise And Fall: well...i gotte wait until i have the album^^
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    The Offspring = Beheaded

    Ignition = L.A.P.D

    Smash = Self Esteem

    Ixnay = Gone Away

    Americana = The Kids Arent Alright

    Co1 = Million miles away/Dammit I changed again (too hard to pick one)

    Splinter = Race against myself

    RAFRAG = Half-Truism (so far)
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    The Offspring- Jennifer Lost The War

    Ignition- Dirty Magic

    Smash- COAP

    Ixnay On The Hombre- I Choose

    Americana- Pay The Man!

    Conspiracy Of One- Vultures

    Splinter- Lightning Rod

    Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace- Trust In You!!!!!!!! <3

    That was tough...

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