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    Default Nicotine - Japanese band

    I didn't find anyone (except myself ) mentioning this band, so I have to let you know about them. Japanese pop-punk, however their music is pretty tasty, I like their songs better than many American / European bands. Their sound is a mixture of NOFX /The Offspring / Blink 182 / Sum 41/ Mest etc... with some sweet metal-songs. Lyric-wise they aren't anything special (but for japanese like themselves they do pretty well imo), but it's definately worth checking if you don't know them yet. School Of Liberty is their best (according to many people's opinion) album, so if you can, get it!

    Some examples of Nicotine
    "metal" song!
    You can find some more videos on youtube.

    Okay... I've uploaded School Of Liberty album, download it here ->
    Enjoy! ...and I'd like to see as more as possible opinions here

    Full SOUNDQUAKE album on youtube.
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