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Thread: Young Mums!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conspiracyof1000 View Post
    Sometimes I feel like my parents were overprotective. My dad even told me he was a bit overprotective. I'm not allowed to leave the house to walk down the street to check the mail without stating ten times where I'm going. I can't go anywhere alone, except work, so I see work as a kind of release.
    I don't know. I'm an angsty teen.
    lol iwas lucky in the sense my mum let me make my own mistakes and let me grow up myself i think i would have gone crazy if she hadnt but shes absolutely mad

    at the moment i would describe myself as mature just with a crazy sense of humor some ppl are like if ur 22 and have crazy humor u just havent matured and cant cope with the responsibility of kids sorry but my mum and my nan are the same and so is my dad we all just very laid bk in my family and know to seperate maturity from humor and on top of that i used to work with loads of parents on the night shift and they thought i was a good mum and the hospital and doctors have praised me saying i have done a brilliant job of raising my kids (so far)

    it so not about age but about the person and im proud to say that im a good parent dont care what anyone thinks

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheUnholyNightbringer View Post
    I don't have enough time to explain my full ideas on this subject, so I'll just say this - I have no idea why people are in such a bloody rush to have kids these days. The thing is, it's way too easy to have kids now, at least in the UK - have one, and everything is sorted for you. House, money, etc etc.

    So now we're in a ridiculous situation where people are having children in order to get lots of money, because it's easier than getting a job and you'll get more than you would on the dole. And if that isn't sad, I don't know what is.

    I know that's probably not the case with you, mate, but the majority of the time it is. And it disgusts me, frankly.
    I've heard that it happens - pushing out babies to get cash. no way around it, that just IS disgusting. very young mothers fall under the responsibility of their parents, so financially that remains different, but the cash flow in the direction of young mothers that brought a child into this world with a broken family, a financially unstable situation, immature & without parenting skills, that just pains & furiates me. they (& their parents, their children & society) would be much better off with professional training of parenting skills.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
    I don't see the point of rushing into motherhood so quickly. Seems more practical to enjoy your young adulthood and spend your money on an education without the the financial burden of two kids. Then have kids when you're financially secured.
    true, true. but for instance, I study medicine, which takes 6 years + 5 years of specialisation, at least. I don't feel any baby-urge yet, but for health reasons of myself & the baby, I don't want get preg by the time I'm over 35 years old. because educational spots are relatively rare in my profession, I'm probably 29 by the time I've finally finished medicine, not even talking about a specialisation.

    I want to have kids one day, on a good day. on a day I know me & my guy will do anything to stay together forever (though I already have that feeling). on a day he has his income & I have mine & we have our own place. on a day I don't have to bring my baby to university to class, because I couldn't find an available sitter. on a day I know what to do & how to do it, when it comes to parenting & bringing up a child successfully.

    Quote Originally Posted by Superdope View Post
    Personally, I think people in their 50's having babies are selfish.
    fortunately the chances a woman can get knocked up at that age are close to zero. if they do, it's selfish for whole other reasons, besides burdening a child with old parents. namely the risk that the child won't be healthy, the older the mother is.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrconeman View Post
    I think once you're in your 20's it's fair game if you want to have some kids, the only thing I'd say is be entirely sure both potential parents want the same thing, and that the kid would be coming into a stable environment.
    yeah. my problem with that is that you can't secure a stable environment now & in the future for a kid when you yourself are very young, because you can't realistically estimate what the (even near) future will bring, when you're still in your studies, still very rapidly undergoing personal development, et cetera. of course life can always take an unexpected turn, but if there's a planning, a realistic future perspective, education, money & experience to deal with disappointments & disasters, it's much more likely that it'll turn out fine, than when you've just finished high school.

    also, I really believe that experience can help you to raise a child. possibly one has enough experience at the age of 20 to pull it off, but it's less likely than in case of someone who's older. although, like everyone said, some 20 year olds make fantastic parents, while some 30 year olds completely mess up. either way, the consequences of crappy parenting are way too huge to just go for it & see what happens.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny View Post

    of course, i think teenage pregnancy is very problematic, and i think a lot of people rush into having kids because *omg they're cute* or because they didn't use protection. i don't think it's a decision that should be made lightly at all, but age isn't always the best indicator of "ready-ness". i know a couple (she's 26, he's 31) that have the most ridiculous, immature, close-minded ideas about parenting (you can't breastfeed your male child too often or he will become wimpy and too attached)... but they're about to have their first kid. are they the *right age*? most people would say yes. are they ready? oh, hell no.
    holy shit, wtf. breastfeeding = incredibly important!

    Quote Originally Posted by nieh View Post
    just that generally speaking younger people are less mature/responsible (though that doesn't mean adults are automatically moreso) and are less stable financially (though that may be simply because it's difficult to find decent full time jobs at that age).
    fully agreed. most adults are mature/responsible, but adulthood doesn't mean you're automatically mature/responsible. most adolescents aren't fully mature/responsible, although their young age doesn't mean they can't be mature/responsible. that being said, I think there's a substantial risk adolescents can't oversee all factors & overestimate themselves, their relation & their situation, when deciding to get a child.

    of course it's difficult to find a job at a young age, especially when you haven't gotten to finishing an education &/or have no job experience. that still makes one financially less stable.
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