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Thread: so Half-Truism has slow choruses...what slow choruses???

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    Quote Originally Posted by fran.182 View Post
    worst song in the record along with nothingtown!!

    hate the chorus
    Nah, Nothingtown is the "song that I wanna hang out with my pals while living in Orange County"
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    About which women would you sleep with

    Quote Originally Posted by wheelchairman View Post
    So you're choosing pornstars because you assume they'll be the ones least repulsed by the thought of having sex with you?

    This is the only reason I can think of. Man it must suck to be a fjeldabe.

    Me? My answer is the virgin mary, preferably pre-birth although that would ruin the mythos.

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    Ahahaahaha, the worst remix I ever heard. My ears hurt now.

    Seriously, it's not that bad, but you screwed up the feeling of the song.

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