Hey, I play guitar for DISFUNCTION - horrorpunks in 21, and since it is 12-21-12 or the Mayan's apocalypse day, we figured it would be good to post our song about it before it is "obsolete" tomorrow Hopefully we will still play it in 2013 and beyond because we think it's pretty cool. Here are a couple of live video versions of us opening for the current Jerry/Dez version of The Misfits and also Blitzkid. We play horror punk and necro-viral thrash. http://www.horrorpunksin21.com

Opening for The Misfits (second camera angle starts after a while - this was our first song that night)

Opening for Blitzkid (song starts at 40 seconds, but you can go back to the beginning to hear diy merch talk)

Thanks for checking it out. We are working on some new stuff right now... (And thanks to The Offspring for letting us post here!)