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    Well, thanks I wasn't sure about Olympia because I recorded it while I was sick (chest cold), and I couldn't belt like I wanted to. But I think it turned out OK, especially the backing vox (I snatched those from the Mell Yell backups on the NOFX cover, similar to our band's song Pop Song). I'm glad to hear you think so, too~

    As for Drum Machine....we've been getting along a lot better in the past few weeks, but I still can't seem to get the fills down. He's not programmable, you see, so all we have to go on are the pre-installed rhythms (there are exactly 99). It's a matter of sampling them in, cutting and pasting, then re-sizing and re-fitting until they fit together in the allotted space. It's very tiring work, but it's totally worth it. We probably would have done more fills and whatnot if I hadn't been sick last night. Chest colds are a bitch > If you could hear our version of Crazy Train, you'd see what I mean about the fills. They're absolutely ridiculous on that one, nearly impossible to emulate using a Drum Machine.

    EDIT: Military Mind is also one of my faves I really like Steve's vox on it because they're really natural-sounding, but also because he's good at ad-libbing. We've got this other track that's just his ad-libbing over my rhythm playing (the background noise is kind of grunge-y, think like Dead Kennedy's "Kinky Sex Makes The World Go Round"), that's really kind of disturbing. I'll be uploading that one in a few days, once we've got all the extra stuff sampled in. It's gonna be schweet~
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